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Dear editors,


It is apparent that the owners of United Parcel Service eagerly awaited the victory of union imposter James Hoffa Jr. to the Teamster presidency. Not long after this “victory,” memoranda began to be placed all over time-clock boards outlining new Minimal Acceptable Requirements (MAR)-a UPS euphemism for production quotas.

Demanding quotas from UPS workers is clearly a violation of our contract. UPS has no right to tell us how much we have to load per night.

“New hires,” who always seem to be in the majority and who know practically nothing of the details of our contract, are afraid for their jobs-and so, often exhaust themselves at work.

A coworker of mine recently approached me and complained: “Damn the union! I called today about the MAR memo, and they told me the company has a right to demand quotas!” I was not surprised.

The newfound boldness of the old-guard union bureaucrats, as well as the company, is clearly a product of Carey’s removal and Hoffa’s approval.


Malik Abei,

San Jose, Calif.




Dear editors,


Enclosed is a check for a two-years sub and a little extra. I picked up your paper at a recent demonstration and it compares very favorably against the half-dozen other socialist publications I receive. The December issue was very informative in an attractive easy to read format.






Dear editors,


Great job! The paper keeps getting better with each issue. The content has always been great, though there seems to be more mustard in the bite.

It’s this vitality, this new energy and the visual use of graphics and layout designs that are more interesting that make me want to turn every page.


Portland, Ore.

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