Our Readers Speak Out

Dear editor,

It seems that the only bright spot in the Mideast tragedy is the probability that George Bush won’t nuke Bethlehem.

Sharon’s merciless assault on the Palestinian people is an outrage. It is Israel’s unceasing repression and indignities against Palestinians that have created people desperate enough to resort to suicide bombings. Few U.S. citizens can imagine the hopelessness and despair that would lead a young person to make such a choice. Perhaps only Native Americans or African Americans can look back to the history of genocide against their people to be able to visualize how certain death might seem a necessary choice against unendurable oppression.

The only chance for peace in the Middle East is for Israel to return the Occupied Territories and recognize a sovereign Palestinian state with the right of return for all Palestinian refugees. We in the U.S. can help make this happen by forcing our government to stop funding the carnage. Under no circumstances should U.S. armed forces set foot in Palestine.

Helen Gilbert

Seattle, Wash.



Dear editor:

Many readers of the March Socialist Action will no doubt be stimulated by Joe Auciello’s perceptive review of the Cambridge revival of Peter Weiss’s “Marat/Sade” to wish to gain further knowledge about Jean-Paul Marat.

For these I would strongly recommend “Jean Paul Marat: Scientist and Revolutionary” (Humanities Press, 1997) by Cliff Conner, the author of a number of pamphlets published by Socialist Action. Cliff shows Marat to have been not only an eloquent tribune of the masses but a revolutionary leader who was an outstanding political analyst, strategist, and tactician.

It is available from Amazon.com and other on-line booksellers, but I would suggest that those who find the price of the book ($60) to be beyond what they can afford urge their school or public libraries to acquire it if they do not already have it.

Paul Siegel

New York, N.Y.



Dear Socialist Action folks,

I’ve picked up your newspaper a few times and found it thought-provoking and well written. Enclosed is money for a subscription.


New York, N.Y.



Dear editor:

I was given a copy of Socialist Action in Santa Rosa, Calif., while vigiling against our country’s bombing. I liked your publication. Please sign me up for a year’s sub.

A reader

Forestville, Calif.



Dear editor,

The U.S. government is intervening in one nation after another. They’re trying to be careful-committing few troops, and those are primarily to train others. Nonetheless, I believe that each new probe increases the resistance. An example is Iran. W’s “evil axis” swung the entire populace to opposition to the U.S.

We look to the working class, as well as the peasantry and the petty bourgeoisie of the countries they oppress. How are we doing? A mixed bag; Argentina-with masses in the street-is certainly a plus!

The problem in many areas around the globe is, as usual, the leadership. However, when they suffer the almost inevitable losses caused by their own ineptness, the result is a defeat for all of us (humanity).


Los Angeles, Calif.

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