The Politics Behind the Tragedy in Norway

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“I’ve just listened to a press conference with Eskil Pedersen, chairman of the Norwegian Labour Party Youth League. Despite his lack of sleep and all tears during the night he had the strength to firmly establish that what had occurred was an attack on the Norwegian labor movement. The horrendous blast in Oslo City and the carnage in the idyllic island Utoya were political attacks.”

“Mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, is no maniac in the Norwegian society’s margins. He is a well-adjusted and well formulated Christian, right wing self-employed “entrepreneur”. Islam hater, tall, blond and handsome. He has deliberately targeted the Labour Party as a symbol of people with marxist views and he calls himself “Marxist Hunter”. Just hours before the massacre on the island former Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland spoke to youngsters at summer camp. Earlier on Facebook Breivik named her as a murderer and a traitor to her country. Breivik has also connections with English Defence League.
“Eskil Pedersen managed to cope with the unimaginable murders. ”We’re going back to Utöya,” he said:
“ ‘We stand by our ideas. We are anti-racists and we stand for solidarity.’
“Words we never will forget.
“Breivik’s opinions have grown in some of the lush-right habitats of the Eastern Norway. A reactionary quagmire of “national” conservative extremism. Brown milieus lushing also in Sweden. We have our serial killer of “immigrants” in Malmo south of the country. From where I live it is the same distance to Malmo as to Oslo. Both physically and politically.
“Our Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt from the Conservative Party, says that we shall not concern ourselves with Breivik`s political motives.
“But for us the opposite position is necessary and obvious.
“Together, in solidarity, we must do everything possible to realize the vision formulated by Eskil Pedersen:
“ ‘We`re going back to Utoya.’ ”
> The article is from a blog by Fourth International member Göte Kilden in Sweden. We’re going backt to Utolya.
Socialist Action News

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