Thurs. 1/12, 8pm ET/5pm PT: The U.S. Prosecution and Persecution of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

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Featured speakers:

Ellen E. Taylor, retired Physicians Assistant living in Petrolia California. Lived in Nuremberg, Germany where her father, Telford Taylor, was Chief Prosecutor for the U.S. War Crimes Tribunal, 1945-46; Author, “The Entrapment of Julian Assange: The Star Chamber Nears,” published in CounterPunch

Vincent De Stefano, National Organizing Director,; President, Pasadena/Foothill chapter, ACLU; Amnesty International activist for the past four decades

 Stephen Rohde, Constitutional lawyer, lecturer, writer and political activist; Former Chair, ACLU Foundation of Southern California; Vice-Chair, Interfaith Communities United for Justice; Chair, Death Penalty Focus; Author, “American Words of Freedom”

Moderator: Jeff Mackler, National Administrative Committee, United National Antiwar Coalition; National Secretary, Socialist Action; Author, “Whistleblower Julian Assange and the CIA’s Daily Wars Against Humanity

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The Entrapment of Julian Assange: The Star Chamber Nears

Though several major newspapers who published stories based on Wikileaks documents recently called for the U.S. government to end, a kangaroo court trial looms for Assange for publishing the crimes of U.S. imperialism.