U.S. Threatens Syria War Escalation

By JEFF MACKLER When a June 16 New York Times front-page article blared, “51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria,” I could almost hear the war drums beating at the U.S. State Department and White House. These “mid-level diplomats,” with varying U.S. government Syria assignments over the years, “urged the United States to … Continue reading U.S. Threatens Syria War Escalation

N.Y. assault on Palestine solidarity

By MARK UGOLINI As part of a major multi-country assault designed to outlaw advocacy of boycotts of Israel, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 5 signed “Executive Order No. 157,” instructing state agencies to divest from companies and institutions that participate in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. In the tradition of McCarthyism, the … Continue reading N.Y. assault on Palestine solidarity

Coalition to expose U.S.-Saudi alliance

By MARILYN VOGT-DOWNEY Over 260 people attended the first 2016 Summit on Saudi Arabia held in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6, at the University of the District of Columbia Law School. The conference was organized by Code Pink and a new organization, the Coalition to End the U.S.-Saudi Alliance. The … Continue reading Coalition to expose U.S.-Saudi alliance

Chicago coalition protests blockade of Cuba

By MARK UGOLINI To coincide with Barack Obama’s March 20-22 trip to Cuba, 30 Chicago activists participated in a “Public Speak-Out and Discussion” at Roosevelt University’s downtown campus on March 19, demanding “End the U.S. Blockade and Travel Ban on Cuba, Return Guantánamo!” The meeting was sponsored by the Chicago Cuba Coalition, which described the … Continue reading Chicago coalition protests blockade of Cuba

New developments in Palestine struggle

By ERNIE GOTTA In February, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Mohammed al-Qeeq, an imprisoned Palestinian journalist on his 85th day of hunger strike. Al-Qeeq had asked to be transferred to a Palestinian hospital in the West Bank. Directly following this decision, however, a partial victory was won in the case of Palestinian American activist Rasmea … Continue reading New developments in Palestine struggle

Stop persecution of Muslims & immigrants!

By KAREN SCHRAUFNAGEL Beginning in early January, Socialist Action joined with many other organizations for a series of conference calls on the need for united action to more effectively combat the rising tide of Islamophobia and anti-immigrant and anti-refugee hatred in this country. The ad-hoc coalition that was formed took the name Stand Together Against … Continue reading Stop persecution of Muslims & immigrants!

When “withdrawal” means escalation

By BARRY WEISLEDER — TORONTO — As if in a dance of the seven veils, Canada’s  Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is sequentially exposing its false election promises, revealing an agenda that increasingly resembles that of the widely despised Conservative predecessor regime. For starters, an immediate and meaningful increase to the Canada Pension is now … Continue reading When “withdrawal” means escalation

U.S. imperialism’s Syria strategy

By JEFF MACKLER  U.S. Major General Michael Nagata was unceremoniously removed some two months ago after his $500 million Syrian assignment to train by the end of the year a projected 5400 Syrian infantrymen to supposedly fight ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) “languished in complications,” according to U.S. News and World Report. This … Continue reading U.S. imperialism’s Syria strategy

U.S. & Europe clamp down on refugees

By LISA LUINENBURG  A huge number of refugees have been flowing across European borders in the last year, and this great migration crisis has had reverberations in the United States as well, where over 100,000 migrants fleeing violence in Central America arrived in 2015. As of Dec. 21, more than a million refugees have crossed … Continue reading U.S. & Europe clamp down on refugees

Paris attack leads to crackdown on rights

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER In the space of less than two weeks, the world recently witnessed three massacres outside the home base of the Islamic State (ISIS) for which the jihadist group took credit. On Oct. 31, a homemade bomb brought down a Russian airliner over the Sinai, killing all 224 people on board. On Nov. … Continue reading Paris attack leads to crackdown on rights

Labor Briefing

By BILL ONASCH > Socialist Action members in Minneapolis write: “On Saturday, Oct. 10, over 400 enthusiastic participants joined a rally and march on U.S. bank in Northeast Minneapolis. U.S. Bank has actively lobbied against fair wages and treatment for workers and simultaneously financed dirty industries. The concurrent exploitation of workers and the earth is … Continue reading Labor Briefing

U.S. imperialism imposes Iran nuke pact

By JEFF MACKLER  The U.S. credo with regard to Iran today might well read, “Only civilized nations and their leaders should have nuclear weapons!” Included in this U.S.-allied circle of civilized nuclear-weapons nations is India. But we hear no U.S. complaints regarding India’s racist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who essentially praised the communal murders of … Continue reading U.S. imperialism imposes Iran nuke pact

Behind the Mass Exodus

By BARRY WEISLEDER  Unprecedented numbers of people are desperate to migrate. Stories fill the media about the many who drown in the Mediterranean or die in desserts in a failed bid to escape horrible conditions. Stunning figures released on June 18 by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees quantify the extent of the global … Continue reading Behind the Mass Exodus

Turkish metalworkers strike

By YASIN KAYA The Renault autoworkers in Bursa, Turkey, halted production on May 15. Tofaş workers, who produce Fiat cars, stopped working the following day. The wildcat strikes spread to six other factories in the metal sector in Bursa. Several other factory workers in Bursa, Kocaeli, Ankara, and Sakarya either went on strike or protested … Continue reading Turkish metalworkers strike

U.S. backs Saudi bombing of Yemen

By PAT LYONS “Once your clients have a quasi-independent military capacity, you lose some control over them,” said Gregory Gause III, a military specialist at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A and M University. Gause was referring to the saturation bombing campaign of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its “coalition of … Continue reading U.S. backs Saudi bombing of Yemen

Imperialism’s terrorist war in Syria

By JEFF MACKLER U.S. imperialism’s selective “War on Terrorism” excludes some terrorists that the Obama administration finds more than suitable as allies in its effort to bring down the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. On April 25, a combination of these “rebels” captured the city of Jisr al-Shoughour, the provincial capital and second largest city … Continue reading Imperialism’s terrorist war in Syria

U.S. backs Yemen bombardment

BY JEFF MACKLER Backed by U.S. logistical and intelligence support, the Saudi Arabian petro-monarchy and its allies have pounded Yemen with devastating air strikes aimed at preparing the way for a possible ground invasion. Saudi Arabia’s “coalition of the willing” oil monarchs and other Saudi allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Arab League … Continue reading U.S. backs Yemen bombardment

Obama launches new ‘war on terrorism’

By JEFF MACKLER In a short-lived but well-crafted move aimed at hyping President Obama’s credentials as a reasonable and democratic warmaker, the president submitted a resolution to Congress in mid-February requesting “authorization for use of force” to proceed full tilt with his administration’s now worldwide “war on [Islamic] terrorism.” At first glance, what struck his … Continue reading Obama launches new ‘war on terrorism’

Judges question NYPD spying on Muslims

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER  PHILADELPHIA—Federal judges in a Jan. 13 appeals court hearing have indicated that they are favorable to the premises of a suit against the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for its surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey. The suit, Hassan v. City of New York, had been dismissed by a federal district … Continue reading Judges question NYPD spying on Muslims

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Making torture legal

By MUMIA ABU-JAMAL In the week of the Senate Intelligence Select Committee’s report on CIA torture of terror suspects, we’re reminded how little Americans know about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency rolls in the real world. Predictably, the 500-page summary of a 6700-page report erupted into a political and media firestorm. Networks and cable … Continue reading Mumia Abu-Jamal: Making torture legal

Justice for Rasmea Odeh!

UPDATED REPORTS FROM THE TRIAL: Socialist Action has received the following on-the-scene reports from the Rasmea Defense Committee. We express our solidarity with Rasmea Odeh, who was arrested in October 2013 for allegedly falsifying papers she had filled out for immigration to the United States. Previously, she had been imprisoned by Israel, who accused her … Continue reading Justice for Rasmea Odeh!

U.S. imperialism bombs Syria & Iraq

By JEFF MACKLER A new coalition of the not-too-willing nations is in preparation as U.S. imperialism prepares for yet another war in the Middle East, its sixth or seventh in the past half decade. These include wars of conquest, resource exploitation, and covert bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Egypt—where the U.S., … Continue reading U.S. imperialism bombs Syria & Iraq