What Socialists Demand
  • Bring all troops home now from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Yemen, and everywhere else in the world.  Close all military bases.  Cut all aid and political ties to Apartheid Israel.  No blood for oil.
  •  End all military and military-related spending.  Use the money saved towards a massive jobs program designed to combat the climate crisis and make an environmentally healthy and sustainable economy.  Billions to care for veterans returning from war.
  •  Place the largest banks, financial institutions and corporations under public ownership and workers control.  Organize workers committees to direct investment and production towards human needs instead of profit.
  • Reduce all carbon emissions world-wide by 90% by 2020.  Reorganize every sector of the economy – food, housing, transportation, manufacturing, city design – in a coordinated fashion to radically reduce greenhouse emissions while improving the standard of living for all working people.  Eliminate the use of nuclear power and hydro-carbons from energy production.  Convert the war industry into renewable green industry.  Retrain all workers from polluting industries for jobs in a carbon-neutral economy.
  •  Free universal health care.  Drop the insurance companies and establish a single-payer system.  Use the savings to provide health-care to the uninsured and retrain insurance workers for new jobs.  Drop all medical debt.
  •  Create full employment by reducing the work week while increasing pay and spreading out the available work. Establish a mass jobs program to fill in the gaps.  Triple the federal minimum wage.
  •  Free access to quality education and retraining for life.  Drop all student debt.  100% tax on all annual income above $250,000.  No tax on incomes below $50,000 a year.
  •  Quality housing for all with affordable rents.  End all home foreclosures.  Turn all vacant properties into homes, gardens, parks, and other common areas.
  •  End racist discrimination and oppression.  Preferential hiring of Black, Puerto Rican, Latino, and female workers to make up for centuries of marginalization from the better jobs.  Reparations for the African-American, Puerto-Rican, and Mexican-American communities in compensation for wealth stolen over centuries.
  •  We defend the right of all oppressed nationalities to control their own communities.  We give full support to independent political action by the Black, Puerto Rican, and Latino communities, as well as all other oppressed peoples.
  •  Amnesty, citizenship and equal rights for all immigrant workers and students regardless of immigration status.  End the raids, E-verify and all attacks on immigrants.  No guest-worker program.  An injury to one is an injury to all!
  •  End the oppression of women. Reopen closed women’s shelters. Defend Roe v. Wade.  Repeal the Hyde amendment and all other restrictions on a woman’s right to choose abortion.  Free birth control and abortion on demand.   Free 24-hour child care centers controlled by those who use them.  End the wage disparity that exists for the work done by women.
  •  Repeal the Patriot Act, Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act and all other restrictions on democratic and civil liberties.  End all restrictions on the right to organize, assemble and protest.
  •  Abolish the death penalty.  Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Lynne Stewart, Leonard Peltier and all other political prisoners.  Money for schools and rehabilitation, not for jails and incarceration.
  •  End all discrimination based on sexual preference and gender identity. Create housing for those escaping discrimination from family or peers.  Legalize same-sex marriages. Abolish “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”
  •  For a labor party based on reinvigorated and democratic trade unions.
  •  For socialism – a society organized on the basis of human needs.