Our Readers Speak Out

Dear editor,


The Socialist Action March issue just arrived, and it seems to get better with every issue!

Jeff Mackler’s article on Mumia was very fine. It appears that Mumia’s struggle contains within itself the seed of a new leftward movement.

Incredible-so soon after the Teamster debacle!

But Mackler says that “The outcome of this case will determine the political landscape of the human rights movement for years to come.

“A defeat will inevitably stimulate a further growth in the forces of social regression. … A victory will embolden the new social movements to take the next steps forward….”

Wrong! Formal thinking! It is the manner in which the fight is conducted, the inclusion of ever-wider masses, the utterly determined will-and the proper tactics-that will “determine the political landscape.”

Thus, this magnificent struggle will not have a Hoffa-like conclusion.

If the state puts Mumia to death, of course we must make every effort to prevent this outcome-he will not be mourned and then forgotten. No! His defenders will be ready for battle-not defeat.


Ray Dickerson,

Los Angeles, Calif.


Jeff Mackler replies:

I agree entirely with the reader; while Mumia’s death will represent a setback for the movement for social justice, the mass struggle that is unfolding today involving unprecedented new forces will lay the foundation for even broader struggles in the future.

The merchants of death will pay a high price if they choose to take the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal.


Dear editor,

History is replete with “Marxist” organizations that defended that which was indefensible and others that refused to defend that which was necessary. As capitalism is global, so the struggle against it must also be global.

On Sunday, Feb. 21, the founding convention of SEAM (Southeast Alliance of Microbroadcasters) took place.

It is a grassroots movement of low-powered FM stations whose purpose is to give voice to the voiceless and to counter the corporate stranglehold over broadcasting the truth. The participants are both serious and determined.

Jeff Mackler [national secretary of Socialist Action] sent a letter of congratulations giving a Marxist perspective. This inspired the delegates-who purchased a substantial amount of socialist literature at the convention.

This was a very good beginning. As Marxists, it is important that we understand the full implications of this movement and the need to reach out to this generation of grassroots leaders who are going head to head with the National Federation of Broadcasters and the Federal Communications Commission.

It strikes at the very heart of the corporate ability to mold the thoughts, and therefore, the actions of the people.

It is important that we give more than tacit approval to this movement. We must reach out and help supply a Marxist road map-a guide to, and a call for action.

History may not absolve us if we fail to seize this opportunity.


George Robinson,

Lake Lure, N.C.


Dear editor,

Has New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, using only the equivalent of a tall beer, made a successful run around our Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protections against unreasonable fines and punishments?

On Feb. 22, Mayor Giuliani’s vehicle forfeiture law became effective for just such a misdemeanor: 100% forfeiture of your automobile for having been found criminally guilty of driving with an alcohol level exceeding the legal minimum.

Whether your car is a $700 junker or a $40,000 Lincoln Continental, Mayor Giuliani’s Forfeiture squads can take “forever” your vehicle.

It should be noted, the Mayor’s initiated seizure of citizens’ vehicles goes against the recent U.S. Supreme Court Austin decision, which states that there should be some proportionality between the punishment and the offense….

Forfeiture of your vehicle would only require a preponderance of evidence and less than a full jury to find you guilty of drunk driving.

Robert Striker,

Carson City, Nev.

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