Recent Pamphlets

Malcolm X: Fighter for Black Liberation

by Joseph Ryan, Nat Weinstein & Kwame M. Somburu
Introduction by Malik Miah

U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!

by Bruce Lesnick and Jeff Mackler

The Worldwide Crisis of Capitalism and the Relevance of Socialism

Political Resolution adopted by the Eighteenth National Convention of Socialist Action - October 12-14, 2018, Minneapolis, MN

How to Defeat Neo-Fascists, Racists, and the Extreme Right

by Bruce Lesnick, John Leslie, Jeff Mackler, Michael Schreiber & Steve Xavier

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The Basics: How Socialists View the World

Origins of Women’s Oppression: A Socialist Analysis & Perspective
From the 11th World Congress of the Fourth International (1979)

Dialectical Materialism: The Philosophy of Marxism
by Cliff Conner

The Hidden History of Zionism
By Ralph Schoenman

History of Imperialism: A Short Course on How Capitalism Came to Dominate the World
by Cliff Conner

Deconstructing Karl: Modern Science, Postmodern Science, and Marxism
by Cliff Conner

Syria: Anatomy of Another U.S. Imperialist War
by Jeff Mackler

Bernie Sanders: Capitalism’s Latest ‘Lesser Evil’ Candidate
by Daniel Adam, Joe Auciello, Bruce Lesnik, Jeff Mackler, Ann Montague

Ferguson U.S.A.
by Marty Goodman and Clay Wadena

The Fight for Class and Climate Justice
by Bill Onasch and Carl Sack

Cuba’s Epic Revolution Undaunted
by Jeff Mackler

Rape Culture & Violence Against Women
by Christine Marie

The Politics of Revolutionary Socialism
by Jeff Mackler

Pamphlets By Category


Ukraine in Turmoil
by Michael Schreiber and Jeff Mackler

Syria 2014: Imperialist intervention and Civil War
by Christine Marie

Middle East

Free Free Palestine
by Jeff Mackler

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt
by Jeff Mackler


by Christine Frank

Capitalism Damns the Environment
by Bill Onasch, Carl Sack, Christine Frank, Dan Adam, Jeff Mackler


Capitalism vs. Socialism
by Jeff Mackler