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YSA at March 6 Mumia Conference


“We are young fists and voices for Mumia!” This was the opening cry at the Youth for Socialist Action (YSA) workshop to organize high school students at the March 6 “Race for Justice” Mumia conference at UC Berkeley.

The audience, of between 60-70 youth jammed into a cramped class room, reacted enthusiastically to the panel of YSA speakers, who, through poetry and speeches, explained the importance of Mumia and what has to be done to free him.

The workshop, along with an even larger “Hip-Hop & Mumia” workshop organized by YSAer Paul M., showed how more and more young people are radicalizing around the case of Mumia.

As more youth become active around Mumia and interested in radical ideas, the chances of freeing Mumia will rise dramatically. Youth are often the first to radicalize, and it is we who set the pace in the fight for justice!

The task before us now is to turn the youth who have been mobilized into organizers who can in turn mobilize thousands of more youth.

That’s what it is going to take to make “Millions for Mumia” a success, and the YSA is proud to be an important part of making that a reality!

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