Police Beat Antiwar Activist

SANTACRUZ, Calif.-On May 22, during a protest by the Santa Cruz Coalition to Stop the Bombing, anti-war activist Steve Argue was brutally beaten by Santa Cruz police and arrested.

The anti-war protest had been called to protest a black-tie fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, who has voted for war appropriations.

Police attacked several of the demonstrators, including a woman holding a baby. Steve intervened to rescue the woman and allegedly punched an officer in the face.

Other officers tackled Steve and, while he was on the ground, kicked him mercilessly and beat him with night sticks. One officer forced pepper spray into his throat and directly into his eyes. The police then delayed for almost an hour before taking their nearly comatose victim to the hospital.

Checks to help with Steve’s defense should be send to the Steve Argue Solidarity Committee, c/o Tracy DeAngelis, 234 High St. Apt #3, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Make checks payable to Kate Wells. For information, call (831) 421-9794.

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