NY Forum on East Timor

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Gerry Foley, Socialist Action’s international editor, spoke Oct. 29 on the situation in East Timor at a meeting held at the Brecht Forum in New York City, along with radio journalist Amy Goodman and War Resisters’ League representative John Miller.

The event was organized by the New York branch of Socialist Action. About 100 people attended.

Amy Goodman has been prominent in exposing the complicity of the United States government in the genocide conducted against the people of East Timor. Miller was in East Timor during the recent pogroms. Foley recounted the history of the imperialist countries’ support for the Indonesian assault on East Timor.

The lively discussion period that followed indicated that many people are becoming interested in the plight of the East Timorese and are anxious to do something to support them.

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