It is Critical that We Defend Police Victims in Seattle

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The following letter was received from Steve Argue, who was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer after cops attacked a Santa Cruz, Calif., rally against the U.S. bombing of Yugoslavia last May. Steve was sentenced to nine months in jail, which he is now serving.

Dear Socialist Action,

I have received the December issue of Socialist Action. Thank you very much. I’ve been sick, so I haven’t read the whole paper yet, but I liked your articles on prisons for profits and on the WTO protests in Seattle.

I myself have been victimized for refusing to do slave labor in jail. As a result of my refusal, my release has been moved back from May 14 to June 13.

The violent police attack on the Seattle demonstrators bears similarities to the brutal police attack on an antiwar demonstration here on May 22 that led to my jailing. It is critical that we defend police victims in Seattle as well.

Steve Argue,

Santa Cruz County Jail

Socialist Action News

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