Britain Sees Mass Antiwar Protests

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LONDON-There are few events in British history that can be mentioned as turning points in the political life of this country but the massive demonstration in central London on Sept. 28 must surely be considered as one.

Over 400,000 people came out to march against the proposed attack on Iraq and to demand freedom for Palestine. At the Hyde Park rally, the marchers were addressed by no fewer than six trade union leaders, several MPs, and leading figures form the Muslim community.

According to labor historian Keith Flett, this was the largest ever march in British political life.

Opposition to the war within the trade-union movement continues to harden, rising to 48 percent at the recent Labour Party conference.

There have been many large student rallies in universities and colleges throughout Britain. This new mood extends to young people generally. The Anti-Nazi League carnival in Manchester in September attracted 20,000 young people. We have not seen such a radicalization since the 1970s.



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