Socialist Action Newspaper Subscription Drive

1. Our subscription drive runs from now until the end of March. During this time we’re trying to sell as many subscriptions to our paper as possible, and we’re asking you, our readers and supporters, to help by selling subs to your friends & co-workers.

2. Subscriptions are $5 a year for first time subscribers, or $12 a year for renewals. For that you get 12 issues. You can also get a two year subscription for $20 or a 1st class subscription [which arrive much faster through the mail, and come in a sealed envelope] for $18. We also have international subscription rates. One year subs to Mexico and Canada are $12, and to any other overseas place they’re $15.

3. To buy a subscription send a check or money order made out to “Socialist Action Newspaper” to our new newspaper address: P.O. Box 460501, San Francisco CA 94146. You can also buy subs online with a credit card by going to

If you have any questions, or need any help, feel free to contact or call(715) 394-6660. If you want we can mail you some ubscription sign up slips, though you can just send in subs on any old piece of paper too. Thanks in advance for your help in this drive. SA is a valuable tool, but unfortunately, it doesn’t sell itself. We look forward to hearding back from you soon!

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