Brent Perry for Minneapolis City Council

Vote Brent Perry! Socialist Action’s Candidate for Ward 12 Minneapolis City Council
Here is a summary of some of the things Brent Perry will be fighting for:

Unionize All Workers, Support the Right to Strike
Establish a Minimum Wage for Minneapolis at $12.50/hour,
Full Employment for Everyone Willing to Work

Despite the recent increases, the federal minimum wage continues to lag far below what was achieved between 1956 and the early 1980s. After adjusting for inflation, minimum wage peaked in 1968 about $3.60 above its current level. Minneapolis needs to lead the way, setting a floor that will increase wages for all workers.

The resources to provide good jobs for everyone exist. All that’s missing is the willingness of those who control those resources, and who are more concerned about short term profit. The closure of the Saint Paul Ford Plant is just one example of this. Socialist Action has argued that the Ford plant should be nationalized, and converted to build electric trains or wind turbines. This could provide thousands of green jobs. We also need a system that will provide free training and education to those who lose their jobs.

No Foreclosures! No Forced Evictions! Cancel Usurious Debt Payments

Build Quality Low Income Public Housing

Eliminate Sales Tax and Replace it with a Progressive Income Tax

End Corporate Welfare, No Public Funding for Private Stadiums

Massive Expansion of Public Transportation
Make Public Transportation Free

End Police Brutality
Open an Independent Investigation into the Shooting of Fong Lee

Quickly Move Minneapolis to 100% Renewable Energy Sources

Support Immigrant Rights, Stop Police Cooperation with ICE

To get involved in the campaign send an email to

Brent Perry’s Campaign Website
Campaign Facebook Group
Campaign Youtube Page

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