Statement on Haiti

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Tony Savino, our comrade who is in Cuba now with a photo exhibit on vodou in Haiti, issued the statement below to the Cuban National Press regarding the situation in Haiti.
(For description of and photos from his exhibit in the Cuban press, see: on-fotografica-dedicada-a-culto-haitiano/

Tony’s statement to the Cuban National Press re Haiti:

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti. A people who have suffered so much as a result of under-development.

It is important that there a large amount of international aid in the short-term. But, more importantly, Haiti, once the richest country in the Caribbean, must be allowed to develop its economy in a manner that benefits its own people.

This can not happen with Haiti saddled in insupportable debt, and neoliberal schemes dictated by the north. It is time for the United States Government to cancel the massive debt that Haiti has inherited from former dictatorships. It is time for the Obama/Clinton regime to join the family of nations in the Americas. It can start by canceling Haiti’s debt, not by provoking other states with military fly-overs (as was recently the case with Venezuela), and slanderous accusations of being a terrorist state, as in the case of Cuba.

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