Vote Chris Hutchinson for Congress!

Socialist Action and YSA activist Chris Hutchinson is running for the U.S. Congress in Connecticut! Chris is running for office to encourage working people to begin taking political action in their own names and to build a massive fight-back against the corporate and government attacks we are enduring. He pledges to use his campaign to support demonstrations, strikes, and other mobilizations of working people in their own interests!

Chris Hutchinson: Age 27, is an art teacher in Hartford area schools, a popular political cartoonist and a longtime activist in the state anti-war organization, CT United for Peace. Entered the student movement in 2002 when he joined an effort to prevent cuts to public education. He has been involved in the fights to defend the Danbury 11 and to end the anti-immigrant ICE raids. He just recently returned from Cairo where he participated in the Gaza Freedom March, an effort to break the siege of this occupied territory.

You can find out more about Chris’s exciting and important campaign at and via facebook.

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