Chris Hutchinson Turns in Signatures to Get on the Ballot

Congressional Candidate Chris Hutchinson Announces Submission of over 5,744 Signatures Nominating him for November Ballot Status

What: Press Conference
Where: North Steps of the State Capitol Building in Hartford, CT
When: Wednesday, August 11th, 10:30am, 2010

On Wednesday, August 4, 2010 the Socialist Action campaign to elect Chris Hutchinson turned in the last of the roughly 5,744 signatures collected by an all-volunteer team over four months. These signatures amount to nearly double the number of signatures (2,956) required by the state to qualify for November ballot status.

“These signatures represent 5,744 people who have said that they want a candidate on the ballot promoting the struggles of working and oppressed people,” Says Hutchinson.

Every aspect of our lives is under attack on an unprecedented scale. Our jobs, wages, homes, opportunities for education, basic infrastructure, civil liberties – even the ecological basis of life as we know it are under an ever more intensifying assault. These assaults serve the interests of ultra-wealthy at the expense of everyone else. The Republican and Democratic parties both faithfully carry out these assaults on behalf of their corporate bosses. This is why working and oppressed people are supporting the Socialist Action candidacy of Chris Hutchinson, and why they and many others will begin taking to the streets to demand what is theirs.

Chris Hutchinson will be joining the NAACP, 1199 SEIU, UAW, AFL-CIO and the more than 170 other organizations that have called for demonstrations on August 28th and October 2nd to demand jobs for all, money for human needs instead of warfare, and the conversion of our economy towards sustainable renewable energy. “These demonstrations are critical opportunities for working and oppressed people to exercise political power in their own name and their own interests,” Says Hutchinson. “Through these demonstrations we have the opportunity not only to counter the racist politics of the Tea Party, but also to counter the corporate offensive being waged by the Republican and Democratic Parties alike.”

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