UNAC Press Release on Wikileaks

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Antiwar Movement Expresses Outrage Over New Wikileaks “Iraq War Logs” and pledges to redouble protests with a huge meeting in New York City on November 6th and a program of Activity leading to Massive demonstrations on April 9.

The Antiwar movement is outraged by the human rights abuses, death and secrecy outlines in the latest release of documents from the Wikileaks web site. The reports document the US military killing of insurgents who were trying to surrender, tens of thousands of civilian deaths, and systematic beating and torturing of prisoners.

“There is no reason that these documents should be classified in the first place except for the fact that they show a pattern of illegal, immoral and abusive behavior on the part of the US military and its allies.” Wikileaks does a service by showing the world the truth,” according to Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC) co-chair. “Instead of acknowledging and correcting this behavior, the US military tries to silence Wikileaks and prosecutes Bradley Manning, who they accuse of being the whistleblower,” according to Lombardo. UNAC voted to support Bradley Manning at our recent conference and applauds the courage of Julian Assange’s for standing up to pressure from the US government to not publish the documents.

“The behavior brought to light by these leaked documents has a domestic side as the US government has increased attacks against Muslims and peace activists at home,” said Joe Lombardo. “This has included increased use of agent provocateurs sent into Mosques to try and elicit illegal behavior that the individuals were not otherwise inclined to do and the recent raids on homes of antiwar activists around the country. “

The United National Antiwar Committee, formed out of a conference of 800 activists in Albany, NY this summer will respond to this latest information by redoubling their efforts to mobilize people in actions. We will hold a regional meeting in New York City on November 6th from noon to 4 at St. Marks Church on 10th St. and 2nd Ave. to organize activity leading to massive demonstrations on April 9th in New York City and San Francisco. At this meeting will be a number of the peace activists who have recently had their home invaded by the FBI and been given subpoenas to appear and front of federal grand juries as well has members of the Islamic community working to oppose the recent wave of Islamophobia being incited in the US.

Bring the Troops Home Now! Stop the Attacks on Muslims and Peace Activists!

For more information: Joe Lombardo, 518-281-1968, UNACpeace@gmail.org, NationalPeaceConference.org

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