MAY DAY 2011

Socialist Action salutes all workers on May Day 2011—the 125th anniversary of International Workers’ Day! We recognize that workers have built our society and that we have the power to change its course towards democracy, justice, sustainability, and socialism.
The international working class today faces many struggles, and we take this moment to reflect on some of the current challenges, while working to inspire collective action for worker justice in an organized and energetic manner.
We call for justice and legalization for the millions of immigrant workers who helped revive May Day in the U.S. in 2006. Immigrant workers have long faced criminalization and dehumanization. Right now vicious anti-immigrant legislation is sweeping the U.S., while deportations of our immigrant sisters and brothers are at record levels. This May Day Socialist Action calls for an unconditional legalization for all immigrant workers.
We understand that the immigrant workers’ struggle reflects the struggles of all workers. An injury to one is an injury to all!
Socialist Action stands in solidarity with public sector workers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan and across the U.S. and around the globe who are courageously taking on the boss-class and their government lackeys who seek to destroy workers’ living standards while slashing taxes and regulations on the wealthy elite. In the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression we say, “The rich, with their incessant drive for profit and their greedy gambling with the housing and financial markets, caused this crisis. Make the rich pay!”
We stand with our sisters and brothers in the Middle East and North Africa taking the power back from thoroughly corrupt, anti-worker dictatorships across the region. Recognizing the autonomy and right to self-determination of each nation, we reject any outside imperialist interference from the U.S. or subordinate NATO forces in these struggles.
We call for political and economic democracy and justice for all workers in North Africa and the Middle East. The workers united will never be defeated!
> This article was originally published in the May 2011 print edition of Socialist Action newspaper.

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