No to French intervention in Mali!

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Statement by National Secretariat of the PST (Socialist Workers Party, Algerian section of the Fourth International), Jan. 17 —

After the Ivorian episode in 2010, the French military intervention in Mali, with its colonialist overtones, is above all an expression of France’s determination to regain its “African garden”, which is being gnawed away at by China and other powers, in a context of a major economic crisis of the capitalist system on a world scale.

The “terrorist” alibi of Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq is being used again by Hollande, who tells us with a straight face that “France has no political or economic objectives” in its Mali campaign, and that its Rafales and its armada, without witnesses and without visual evidence, “are in the service of freedom”, alongside troops from Ecowas countries where there is no freedom. This “altruism” of France clearly reminds us of its “civilising mission” in the nineteenth century, of which the Algerian people was a victim during the long colonial night.

But the Algerian regime, whose eyes are riveted on the 2014 presidential elections, has eventually yielded to imperialist pressure. Mr Bouteflika has authorized French bombers to use our airspace and ordered the closure of the border. This unacceptable about-face in the Algerian position seriously contradicts the historical fight of our country for emancipation and the dignity of peoples. At a time when we are still celebrating the 50th anniversary of our independence, the about-turn of the Algerian regime, which is cooperating with France in its warlike enterprise, is the expression of a political turning point that reduces national sovereignty and locks Algeria into an unholy alliance of colonial reconquest.

Like the uprisings of the peoples in the Arab countries and even in Europe, the Malian crisis has its roots on the one hand in the economic and social disaster caused by liberalism, imposed by the imperialist powers and institutions, and on the other hand in the dictatorial regimes which act as guarantors of their interests.

The Malian people, whether in the North or the South, needs development, dignity and prosperity and not bombs and servitude. It is for the people of Mali to drive out a few armed Islamist gangs which want to impose their laws. It is for the people of Mali to freely decide its future.

- Stop the French and imperialist intervention in Mali!

- No to the colonial war in Mali!

- No to the opening of Algerian air space to the French bombers!

- Solidarity with the Malian people and the refugees!

- For a political solution guaranteeing democratic rights and development to all the components of the Malian people!

Photo: Issouf Sanogo / Agence France-Presse

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