Sanders endorses Clinton: Laws of political physics confirmed

June 2016 Clinton-Bernie


— Jeff Mackler is the Socialist Action candidate for U.S. president

$33+ million and one year later, Bernie Sanders’ orchestrated “political revolution” fell back to earth with a dull but expected and pitiful thump, as he endorsed Wall Street’s corporate-funded Hillary Clinton with a resounding “The future will be shaped more on November 8 [Election Day] than by any event in the world.”

Those who believed that Sanders was never a conscious sheepherder for the ever-discredited Democrats will now march with him to the beat of the “lesser evil” Clinton drum, even as she pledges to find common ground with her Republican colleagues.

Those who are awakening to the inherent horrors of capitalism’s racist, sexist, warmongering twin corporate duopoly will not be surprised. For them, the future will be shaped not by those who profit from climate catastrophe and endless wars against poor and working people abroad and at home, but by the millions who take their lives into their own hands and struggle on every front for humanity’s cause and for the socialist future.

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