Help defend Gaël Quirante!

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Sign the Petition! Stop the relentless repression against French postal worker and union representative Gaël Quirante!

Gaël, departmental secretary of SUD Postal Activities in the Hauts-de-Seine region of France (more commonly known by its post code 92), faces multiple legal and disciplinary charges, which could result in dismissal from work. In the span of his 13-year career, he has already suffered a year and a half of suspension from work because of his union activities.

Gaël was summoned to the Administrative Appeals Court in Versailles on March 28 due to a procedure dating back to 2010. This attempt to have him laid off was refused by the Labor Inspection, the Minister of Labor, and the Administrative Court. Still, the Post Office has once again demanded that the Labor Inspection authorize taking action against Gaël. They accuse him of “toxic and alarming behavior” vis-a-vis the “entirety of the management.”

We demand that all legal and disciplinary pursuits against Gaël Quirante be stopped. He must be able to perform his role as a union representative without any repression! Please sign the petition here:


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