Access to decent homes for everyone!

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July 2017 Minn. HousingBy MARCO DAVILA

Below is the presentation by Marco Dávila to the meeting in defense of public housing, on July 6 in the Glendale neighborhood of South East Minneapolis. For more information about the campaign in the defense of Glendale, visit the webpage: .

I’m just here to say: It feels good to be on your side. It feels good to be on the side of the most vulnerable. It feels good to be on the side of those who fight against injustice, on the side of immigrants, on the side of refugees and low-income people in general, on the side of those who are oppressed by an inhumane machinery. It feels good to not be on the side of the passive aggressive bullies, such as the executive director of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA)—among many other bullies of his kind.

As some of you know, the city of Minneapolis decided to bring this individual on board as the head of the MPHA. Gregory Russ is nothing but a passive aggressive bully. He is here in Minneapolis to confuse you, to divide you, to try to fool those who are resisting displacement.

The Glendale residents and many other public housing residents in the United States have made it very clear: As this economic system destroys public housing at the expense of those who are most in need, we say: We shall resist! As this economic system displaces low-income people for the benefit of people of the privileged class, we say: We shall resist!

Those who are currently resisting against the privatization of their homes are not resisting in the name of profit over people, they are resisting in the name of basic human rights, they are resisting in the name of justice. So, Mr. Executive Director of MPHA, please don’t come talk to us about truth. Stop being a liar and a bully!

Today we say: An attack on public housing is an attack on human rights!

Access to decent homes for everyone!

We shall resist!

Socialist Action News

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