Stop Gaël Quirante’s firing! Unite against repression at La Poste!

April 2017 Gael 2

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Once again, Gaël Quirante, departmental secretary of SUD Activités Postales 92 (a Post Office trade union) and a militant of the Social Front, is undergoing disciplinary abuse: 10 tries to fire him in 14 years, and almost a year of cumulated disciplinary suspensions.

La Poste (the French postal company) tried to fire him in 2010 accusing him of sequestration when he participated in an occupation of the Departmental Board of La Poste; however, his layoff was refused by the Labor Inspection in 2010, by the Labor Minister in 2011, and then by the Administrative Court in 2014.

Last April the Administrative Appeals Court in Versailles annulled all three of the previous decisions and restarted the whole procedure! The Labor Inspection once again refused to lay him off but now it is up to Ms. Penicaud, Labor Minister and the ex-Director of Human Resources at Danone who will decide on Gael’s fate! Our mobilization must stop him from being fired!

La Poste has decided to strike hard against combative militants. The intervention of the GIPN (National Police Intervention Groups) against strikers in a sorting center in Bègles-Bordeaux in 2005 began this strong offensive. Since then there have been many disciplinary proceedings, penalties, disciplinary sanctions have multiplied against trade unionists and more broadly against all those whom refuse to submit. Since 2012, there has been 10 years of cumulated disciplinary suspensions by the militants of SUD and CGT (trade unions in France) in the Ile-de-France (the Paris metropolitan area), and 14 years since 2010! Four trade unionists in the Hauts-de-Seine region were placed in detention during a strike in 2014. Olivier Rosay suffered 69 months of disciplinary suspension! Also in the Hauts-de-Seine region, Yann Le Merrer, was dismissed from his job and is now waiting for a new position after his employer has been forced to reintegrate him.

This repressive logic today touches the entirety of the work force: more than 4000 disciplinary pursuits or penalties have been attempted against strikers or protestors since the movement against the Labor Law in 2016. However, we are fighting back against this repression, whether it be prison penalties against ex-Goodyear workers, against police violence in working-class districts, for the accused in the Quai de Valmy case, at PSA Poissy, for Loic of the Compagnie Jolie Môme. If repression exists than there will be resistance. We are calling for all the cases of repression to come together and truly stop the offensive. If we regroup our forces, we can win!



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