Connecticut socialist turns in over 10,900 signatures for U.S. Senate bid

July 2018 Mitch hotel (Sam P.)
Fred Linck, Socialist Action candidate for U.S. Senate from Connecticut, helping on the picket line of hotel workers.

HARTFORD, Conn. — On Aug. 8, volunteers for the campaign to elect Fred Linck turned in more than 10,900 signatures to the Secretary of State to secure a ballot line for U.S. Senate in the November elections (7500 are required to qualify).

Fred Linck is an antiwar Iraq veteran, a climate justice activist with 350 CT, and member of Socialist Action. Linck looks forward to achieving ballot status to challenge Chris Murphy’s corporate agenda.

Fred Linck says, “Senator Chris Murphy firmly supports the interests of the corporate elite. That’s why he votes for more war spending than either Trump or the Pentagon ask for. That’s why he votes against medicare for all—even though it’s wildly popular. That’s why he won’t stop taking money from General Dynamics, which profits from separating families and caging immigrant children.

Aug. 2018 Petitions
Volunteers for the socialist campaign carry a basket of signed petitions to the Secretary of State’s office.

“I call for stopping all deportations now, the abolition of ICE, a full amnesty, and the establishment of equal rights for all immigrants. Working people need to stop allowing the rich to pit us against each other. I let them do that to me in Iraq and I saw the consequences. I won’t let them do it again. No more war for big business. End the war on immigrants.”

An entirely volunteer team has collected signatures in every corner of Connecticut. Taylor, a campaign volunteer said, “The responses we are getting from people are incredible. Everywhere we go in Connecticut people are considering socialist ideas that would provide jobs, housing, education, and health care for all.”

Fred’s campaign points out that working people create all value in society and workers should decide what to do with it. To secure jobs, housing, education and health care, Linck proposes the following: 1) Tax all annual income over $250,000 at 100%. 2) Bring all troops home now and end all military spending. 3) Place the largest banks and corporations under public ownership and the democratic control of working people and their communities.

Contact: Daniel Piper, 860-985-4576. See : or Action

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