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Dec. 2018 Soc. Action 1By THE EDITORS

Revolutionary greetings and well wishes for 2019! In 2018, we saw a deepening economic and environmental crisis overtake working people worldwide, together with a resurgence of racist, anti-immigrant, and ultra-right activity. And yet, workers around the globe from China to Latin America to the United States demonstrated their ability to stand up against the mounting attacks. The yellow vests in France and teachers in the United States have shown the potential of mass action taken independently of bureaucrats and bourgeois politicians.

These struggles require a mass-based and deeply rooted revolutionary socialist organization to organize and lead the fightback, and to finally overturn the system. More and more people are embracing socialist ideas as they realize that the capitalist system—in which all social benefits are sacrificed in favor of bigger profits for the wealthy corporations—is leading inexorably to a dead end for working people and all humanity. 

Over the past year, Socialist Action has seen new growth while improving our organizational capacity. Our comrades have participated in a wide range of political activities—for example, in the movement to combat climate change, on behalf of political prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal, in the women’s movement, and in support of union organizing by hotel workers.

Recently, Socialist Action sent a delegation to the Mexican border to help in solidarity actions for the migrant caravan and to report back for Socialist Action newspaper. Some months earlier, our Connecticut members and supporters successfully collected nearly 11,000 signatures to put antiwar Iraq veteran and socialist Fred Linck on the U.S. Senatorial ballot in Connecticut; Linck was later undemocratically denied ballot status by state officials.

Simultaneously, we have deepened our participation in the campaign to build an international party along revolutionary Leninist lines, collaborating in the Platform for a Revolutionary International with our comrades abroad. Together with our European co-thinkers, Socialist Action delegates spoke on behalf of the Platform at the 17th World Congress of the Fourth International.

In 2019, Socialist Action will continue to cover, and participate in, the struggles of working people and the oppressed while we grow as an organization. But, of course, this work requires resources. We are asking you, the readers and supporters of this website, to contribute to our efforts. Every dollar we raise is essential.

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