Mumia: Jeff Mackler and the Struggle for a Socialist World


The speech below is a message of support that Mumia sent to Socialist Action’s Jeff Mackler 2020 presidential campaign kick-off event

Jeff Mackler has spent most of his life in struggles for social justice, from the 1960s till today—and tomorrow. From the early civil rights movement, the imperial war in Vietnam, the Black Liberation movement, and the imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jeff Mackler has been on the side of the oppressed, those opposed by the empire. For the past 36 years, Jeff has served as national secretary of the Socialist Action party, an anti-capitalist organization working to bring an end to the imperialist capitalist system.

If you name a social struggle of the last 40 years, you will always find the name Jeff Mackler there, and his comrades in Socialist Action. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels wrote, “the communists everywhere support revolutionary movements against the existing social and political order of things.” That sounds like Socialist Action at work, supporting struggles from the prison-industrial complex to world struggles against imperialist interventions.

When MOVE was attacked by the government, Socialist Action opposed these violent and oppressive actions. When the late Lynne Stewart was attacked by the Bush administration, Socialist Action swiftly took the side of her defense, calling rallies for her.

And when Pennsylvania attacked me with death warrants, Socialist Action mobilized rallies throughout California to oppose it. When Imam Jamil Al-Amin was targeted by the state for being an influential leader of the Islamic and Black communities, Socialist Action called for his freedom.

Jeff Mackler is an activist’s activist. And he has fought against the Empire, its wars, and the battles happening on the imperial interior.

The battle ain’t over. And there’s more struggles to come. And Jeff Mackler will be where he’s always been—right in the thick of things.

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