Web Event: Socialist Action’s News Round Table – Monday, June 29, 8pm ET

Featuring writers and contributors to Socialist Action newspaper talking about the key issues of the day.

ANN MONTAGUE on the recent Supreme Court decision extending employment discrimination protections to LGBTQ people in all 50 states.

ED JURENAS on a Transitional Program for our times and why socialists use transitional demands.

MARTY GOODMAN on the paltry reforms proposed by Cuomo and De Blasio in New York.

Live on Socialist Action YouTube

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The U.S. government and its corporate media have created an Orwellian world of lies and half truths regarding the origins of the present war in Ukraine. Obliterated from the record has been the central role of the U.S. in its orchestrated 2014 coup that imposed a fascist-led U.S.-dominated government aimed at seizing control of Ukraine’s resources to advance the wealth and power of the U.S. corporate elite.

Remembering Bud Schulte

Join us to honor Bud’s life! Saturday May 21, 3-6pm at Mayday Books in Minneapolis and on Zoom.