In Support of the Syrian People

US Hands off Syria

[An open letter was recently initiated by some pro-western Syrian expats entitled, “Erasing people through disinformation: Syria and the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools.” Their letter was signed by a number of people in the US and around the world including “progressives.” The letter supports the goal of the US and its allies of regime change in Syria. The authors attack those who have consistently supported an end to intervention in Syria by the US, NATO, Israel, and other repressive states in the Middle East. The war on Syria has tragically been a divisive issue for the peace movement. The following statement, in response, was initiated by the Administrative Committee of the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC). To date it has been signed by 1,300 individuals and peace and solidarity organizations from 50 countries. To add your name/organization, go to]

As the Biden Administration took office in the US, one of their first actions was to increase US troop levels in the north eastern region of Syria currently occupied by the United States and its proxies. Shortly thereafter, the United States bombed a Syrian town on the eastern border killing as many as 30 Syrians, purportedly to target hostile “Iraqi militiamen” or to “send a message” to Iran. US proxies are selling Syrian grain in Turkey and a US based corporation now operates a refinery in the Syrian territory occupied by US troops and proxies.

Last year, congress passed the Caesar Sanctions as an amendment to the massive Defense Appropriations Bill. These sanctions cause the Syrian people to go without the basic necessities such as food, energy and medicine. They have destroyed the Syrian currency and are literally causing starvation.  At this time, it is impossible, even for the United Nations, to bring aid into Syria.

Moreover, these sanctions block reconstruction and the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees from impoverished camps in surrounding states. Syrians can’t return if there is no potable water, food or housing for their families. Meanwhile, the only Syrians who can receive international aid are those in US occupied territories and those in areas controlled by the US ally, Al Nusra/Al Qaeda.

There has been a recent swell of anti-Syria propaganda, supported by prominent activists on the “left.”  This has included attacks on the majority of the US antiwar movement, which has focused on opposing US and outside aggression against Syria, and which supports the right of Syria to defend its national sovereignty against this outside aggression.   The clear fact is that the US government, along with its allies in NATO, Israel and other reactionary Middle Eastern states is the primary cause of the current devastation of the Syrian people. The US and its allies have facilitated the entry into Syria of tens of thousands of foreign fighters to support their regime change agenda.

As with the lies about Weapons of Mass destruction that led to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, the US and its allies have put forth accusations about Syria using chemical weapons and terror against its own people, which have now been totally discredited and disproved.


  1. We condemn the illegal occupation of Syrian territory by US forces and their proxies, and their illegal and unprovoked military attacks on Syrian soil and Syrian people.
  2. We condemn the ongoing theft of Syrian oil and Syrian grain by US proxies, resources desperately needed by the Syrian people.
  3. We condemn the so-called Caesar Sanctions, illegal, immoral unilateral coercive measures.
  4. We condemn the US war on the Syrian Republic and the callous violation of Syrian Sovereignty. 
  5. We demand the withdrawal of ALL U.S. troops and U.S. funding of foreign mercenary forces and US funding of armed internal opposition forces from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and a lifting of US Naval blockade of Yemen.
  6. We demand an end to illegal US Sanctions on Syria. 

Signed by:

United National Antiwar Coalition, Syria Solidarity Movement, Hands Off Syria Coalition, Hands off Syria Coalition – Australia, Black Alliance for Peace, U.S. Peace Council, International Action Center, Arab Americans for Syria, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Popular Resistance, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the Wars, Alliance for Global Justice, Youth Against Empire, Veterans For Peace, BAYAN USA, Socialist Action, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Committee for International Solidarity and Peace (COSI) Venezuela, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign/Poor People’s Army, Coop-Anti-War-Café Berlin, Ban Killer Drones, Ann Wright, Cindy Sheehan, Alfred Marder, Omowale, Clay, Mathew Hoh, Brian S. Wilson and many more organizations and individuals.

Name                                    City                                        Country                                Organization 

(for ID purposes only)

NK  A.                            Boston                                  United States     

Stephe Abbott             Salt Spring Island              Canada 

Layla abed                      IRVINE                                  United States     

Peter Abrams                Victoria                                 Canada 

lois aceto                     racine                                    United States     

Joni Achi                       San Antonio                       United States     

Jonny Achi                                                                       United States                     Arab Americans for Syria

Jan Ackermann         New York                             United States     

Friedrich Adam                Nolensville, TN                  United States     

Miriam  Adams                Albuquerque                     United States     

Claire Adamson             Montreal                             Canada                

Alya  Adryana               KUALA LUMPUR               Malaysia             

Fran  Aguirre                 Denver                                 United States                     Unite North Metro Denver

roberta ahlquist               san jose                               United States     

nissa  ahmed                  Brookly Center                  United States     

Salam Alam                      Lincoln                                 United States                     Saf

Dennis  Alanen                 Saint Paul                            United States     

Zuhair Al-Atwi                 Berne                                   United States                     Palestinian Rights Committee

Dawn Albanese             Elk Grove Village              United States     

Aaron Albrecht               Chatham, Illinois               United States                     Student

john alder                      spokane                               United States                     unac

pete  alex                        hempsead                          United States     

Donald  Alexander          St. Catharines                    Canada 

Robert  Alft                      Voorheesville                    United States     

Charles Alger                   Oceanside                           United States                     First Congregational Church

of Santa Barbara 

Husam  Alsamman         Irvine                                    United States     

Wayne  Alt                       Buffalo                                 United States                     Western NY Peace Center

Sabah Alwan                   Duluth                                  United States     

Ruthann Amarteifio       Hoopeston                         United States                     New Aeon Church 


Gaetano Amato              Saint James City                United States     

Luke Anavi                       Portland, OR                       United States     

Jon Anderholm               Cazadero                             United States     

Tim Anderson                 Sydney                                 Australia                              Hands Off Syria

Dorothy Anderson         Weymouth                         United States     

Glen Anderson                Lacey                                     United States     

Andy Andre                     Milwaukee                         United States     

Kit Andrews                     Burlington                           United States     

JL Angell                           Rescue                                 United States     

Joshua Angelus               Waterbury                          United States     

Nasser Ani                       Hazlet                                   United States     

Tina Ann                          Bolinas                                  United States     

Roger Annis                    Vancouver                          Canada 

Dietrich Antelmann       Berlin                                    Germany            

Noel Arellano                 Compton                             United States     

ep. Seth Armstrong,      Seattle                                  United States                     WA State House, retired

Salah Asfoura                 Worcester                           United States     

Kenneth Ashe                 Marshall                              United States                     Veterans for Peace

Mohammad Amir          Askari Lucknow              India     

Heinz Assenmacher      Bonn                                     Germany            

Beth Attwood                Cambridge                          Canada 

Arnold August               Blainville                              Canada                                 Journalist 

Rebecca Augustin         Somerton                            United States     

Vichina Austin               Chicago                                United States                     Black Alliance for Peace

Chaza  Awad                  Lexington                            United States     

Alex Awad                      Eugene                                 United States                     Palestinian Christian 

Alliance for peace

Raghida  Ayoub                                                             Canada 

Bahman Azad                                                                 United States                     US Peace Council

Nahid Azad                    Ottawa                                 Canada 

Erik Backlun                   Gothenburg                       Sweden 

Jean Bails                       Saint Clair Shores             United States                     Saint Clair Shores

Sharon  Baker                Goshen                                United States     

Arlene  Baker                 Petaluma                             United States     

Douglas Baker               Vallejo                                  United States     

Gerritt & Elizabeth Portsmouth United States


Mike Baldwin                 Antioch                                United States     

Lon Ball                           Trout Lake, WA                 United States                     Friends of the White Salmon

Elizabeth Ball                 Boulder                                United States     

Michael Ballin                                                                Canada 

Janice Banks                   Center Barnstead NH      United States    

Ajamu Baraka                                                               United States                     Black Alliance for Peace

Paul Barbara                   London                                United Kingdom              

Marta Barbosa               Los Angeles                        United States     

Enzo Bard                        North Baldwin                   United States     

Maria Bard                      NORTH BALDWIN             United States     

Jeannette Barhoum       Damascus                                                           

Sonja Baris                       Clinton                 

brenda barnard               Lyndhurst Hampshire     United Kingdom              

David Barouh                   Brooklyn                            United States     

Sarah Barratt                   Altrincham                         United Kingdom              

Peter Barrett                   Wellington                         New Zealand                      Pacific Institute of Resource


Delilah Barrios Kyle                      

Jackie Barshak                San Francisco                     United States                     Codepink

Karen Barton                  Bryn Mawr                          United States                     Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition

John Bartram                  Medford, NJ                       United States     

Kay Basham                     Hamilton                            Canada

Fadi Bashour                   Westlake                            United States     

Roger Batchelder           San Diego                           United States     

Alan Batten                     Fairbanks                            United States     

Marie Bayus                    Grants pass                        United States     

Abbas Bazzi                     Dearborn Heights             United States     

Jim Bearden                    Arnold                                 United States     

Mary Beaudoin             Saint Paul                            United States     

Murray Beaver               New Rochelle                    United States     

Judith Beaver                  Sequim                               United States     

Elaine Becker                  Roanoke                             United States     

Stella  Bedard                 Qualicum  Beach              Canada 

guido  beerli                    basel                                   Switzerland       

Nina Beety                    Monterey                           United States     

Judith Bello                     Webster                              United States                     UNAC

Ada Bello                      PHILADELPHIA                   United States     

Glen Bennett               Warwick                              United States     

Ed Bennett               Vancouver                          United States     

melissa bent                                     

Krishna E Bera                Ottawa                                Canada

Vincent Berg                   Cedar                                   United States     

Steven  Berge                 Antelope                             United States     

Karen Berger                  La Crescenta-Montrose United States     

Lydia Berglund              Vasse                                    Australia             

Karen BERNAL                Sacramento                        United States                     Progressive Delegates 


Sara Bernal Seywerth   Vienna                                  Austria                                  Art without Borders 

Blair Bertaccini              New York                             United States     

claudia  berton              verona                                  Italy      

Nicole Bertrand             Montreal                             Canada 

Nadia Bettendorf         La Habra                              United States     

Ines Biemmi                   Milan                                    Italy                                       SI

Regina  Birchem                                                          United States                     Anti-war coalitions

Les Bishop                      Merchantville                    United States     

Dorothee Bister             Freiburg im Breisgau       Germany            

Ralf Bitter                        Urbach                                Germany            

Nils Bjørkelo                                                                 Norway

Patricia Blair                   Kailua                                   United States     

Jonah Blaustein              Riverdale                             United States     

Dana Bleckinger             Yachats                                United States     

Pablo Bobe                      CABA                                    Argentina           

Diane Boehm                  Brooklyn                              United States     

Diana Bohn                      Berkeley                              United States     

Jill Bohr Jacob                  Ketchikan                            United States     

Giulio Bonali                    Fiorenzuola                        Italy      

Pamela Bond                   Corvallis                               United States     

Manuela Bono                Savona                                 Italy      

Marilyn Borchardt          Oakland                               United States     

Bill Boteler                       Hanover, MD                     United States     

Jean Boucher                   TEMPE                                 United States                     Arizona State University

Anne bowers                   Manhattan                         United States     

Grace Boyle                     Bristol                  

Stephen Bradley             Greenfield                          United States     

Kathy Bradley                  Lugoff                                  United States     

Germano Brandes          Lages                                    Brazil                                     AMORC

Vincenzo Brandi              Rome                                   Italy                                       No War 

Franz Brandl                     Lam                                      Germany            

Carissa  Brands                San Rafael                           United States     

Ellen Breidert                   Bad Honnef                        Germany            

Arne Breitsprecher         Hamburg                             Germany            

Ryan Brevard                   Chicago                                United States     

Patty brey                         Metairie                              United States     

Tomas   Bribriesco           Toronto                              Canada

Jean Bricmont                  La Hulpe                             Belgium               

Ed Brighton                                                                   United States                     Veterans For Peace 

Frank Brincka Sussex      Wantage, NJ                      United States     

Toni Brinkmnannn          Bremen                               Germany                             DFV

Richard Brinton               Salinas ca                            United States     

Charles Britz                     Huntington                        United States     

dennis   broe                    paris                                    France                                  Ecole Superieure de 


Adam Broinowski                                                         Australia             

David Brooks                  Saint John                           Canada 

Dorothy Brooks              ARLINGTON, TX                United States     

Ed Broomfield                 Penkridge                           United Kingdom              

David & Rebecca Streetsboro United States Interfaith Council for Peace in 

Brown the Middle East

Michael Brown                                                             Australia             

Ingrid Brown                   Wichita                                United States     

David Brown                   Aiken SC                               United States     

Ken Bruno                       Tucson                                  United States     

Morton Brussel              Urbana                                 United States     

Don M. Bryant                Cleveland                            United States                     Cleveland Peace Action

Don Bryant                      North Royalton                 United States     

Margid  Bryn-Burns       Brisbane                              Australia                              Just Peace Brisbane Australia

Heinrich  Buecker          Berlin                                    Germany                             Coop-Anti-War-Café Berlin

Fabrizio  Buldrini            Modena                               Italy      

Norvie  Bullock               Northeast Harbor             United States     

Guy Bureau                     ORP-LE-GRAND                Belgium               

Fiona Burgess                 Portland, OR                       United States     

María Burgos                  Buenos Aires                      Argentina                            Instituto Patria

Tom Burke                      Chicago                                United States                     Committee to Free Simon


Angie Burnham              Boulder                                United States     

Richard Burns                 Berwick, ME                       United States                     VFP

Amanda Burns                Fort Worth                          United States     

Mark  Burton                  Denver                                 United States                     Denver Peace Council

Frank Burton                   Cairns                                   Australia             

Martha W D Bushnell    Louisville                             United States     

John Butcher                   sydney                                 Australia             

Greg Butterfield              New York                            United States                     Socialist Unity Party and 

Struggle-La Lucha newspaper

Charles Byrne                  San Francisco                     United States     

Jim Byrne                         Tucson                                 United States                     Tucson Anti War Committee 

Trajan Cainaru                Buffalo                                 United States                     Usfsp

William Camacaro          NYC                                      United States                     ALberto Lovera Bolivarian 


Debbie Campbell            St Louis                                United States     

Rebecca Em Campbell   Olympia                               United States     

Benita J. Campbell          Burgettstown                    United States     

Melissa Cantiello            Penn Yan                             United States     

Heather Cantino                                                           United States     

Mark Cappetta                Rancho Mirage                  United States     

Debra Carr de Neponset United States 


Alan Carter                      Provo                                    United States     

Isabelle Casel                                                                Germany                             DFG-VK

Judith  Cashin Lerma     San Antonio                        United States                     WWP/NNU 

Marcos Casillas              San Juan                              

Silvia Cattori                   Lausanne                             Switzerland       

joseph  cernac                san jose                               United States     

John Cevasco                  Northfield                           United States     

Amanda Chaffin             Salinas                                  United States     

Fatima Chagani              Miami                                   United States     

Claudia Chaufan            Toronto                                Canada                                 York University

Marsha Chevalier          Santa Rosa                          United States     

Courtney Childs             Corvallis                               United States                     CCDS

Raphael Chiposwa        Lusaka                                  Zambia 

Nancy Chismar              Edison                                   United States     

Tove Christensen          Tumba                                  Sweden 

Kathryn Christian          Grand Junction                  United States                     Grand Junction for Peace

Jim Christiansen            Toronto                                Canada 

Karen Christiansen       Fort Lupton                        United States     

Kenneth Clark                Unionville,TN                     United States     

Robert clark                    grants pass                         United States     

Chris Clark                       bellevue                             United States     

Craig Clark                       CLIFFSIDE PARK                United States     

Ken Clark                         EAST HELENA                    United States     

Omowale  Clay               BROOKLYN                         United States                     December 12th Mov.

International Secretariat

Christophe CLEMENT    04100 – MANOSQUE       France                                  CEA

Charles Clements           Las Cruces NM                  United States     

Ann clune                        Binghamton                       United States     

Ann Coffey                      Ottawa                                Canada

Darlene Coffman           Rochester                           United States     

MARV COHEN                WALNUT CREEK, CA        United States     

Garnet  Colly                  Montreal                             Canada 

Raymond Comeau        Saint John Canada   

Gerry Condon                Clearlake, California        United States                     Veterans For Peace

Thomas Conner             Evansville                            United States     

Maureen  Connor                                                       United States     

Ronda   Cooperstein     Baltimore                            United States     

Renato Corsetti              LONDON                            United Kingdom              

John Costello                  Bodega                               United States     

Andrew Costigan           Medway                             United States                     UNAC

Nathan Coulter              Columbus                           United States     

Charles Courtney           Madison, NJ 07940           American Samoa             

Rachel   Coward             London                               United Kingdom              

Alex Cox                          Ashland                               United States     

Ellen craig                       chicago                                United States     

Mary Crane                    Duvall                                   United States     

Bruce Cratty                   Akron                                   United States     

Phyllis   Creighton         Toronto                                Canada                                 Science for Peace

Richard Creswell           Lakewood                           United States     

Eleanor Crowe              Kula                                       United States     

Stephen Crozier            White Rock                         Canada 

Marian  Cruz                  Hollister                               United States     

Jose Cruz                        Lawrence                            United States     

Johanna Cummings      Rochester                           United States     

Peter Curia                     Scottsdale                           United States     

Cindy Curran                  Bowdoinham                     United States     

Colleen Curtis                Bellingham                          United States     

Jean Cushman               Towson                                United States     

Jerry Cutler                    Blind Bay                             Canada 

Petr Dann                       Madison                              United States     

Samer Daoud                 AVON LAKE                         United States     

Paolo D’Arpini                Treia                                     Italy                                       Circolo Vegetariano VV.TT.

Amitav  Dash                  Guelph                                 Canada 

Jerald    Davidson          Ripon                                    United States                     Unitarian-Universalist Service 


Maggie Davidson             Pompano Beach              United States     

Nicolas J S Davies             North Miami                    United States                     CODEPINK

Betty  Davis                       NY                                      United States                     New Abolitionist Movement 

Buzz Davis                                                                                                                           Vets for Peace                                  

Alizei De Leon                   San Pablo                         United States     

Herman De Ley                 Deinze                              Belgium                                BACBI

Frans De Maegd               Sint-Joris-Weert             Belgium               

Gabriel de Souza              Porto Alegre                    Brazil    

Alfred de zayas                 geneva                              Switzerland                        geneva school of diplomacy

Nick Deane                        Sydney                              Australia             

JOE DECESARE                  Franklin                             United States     

John DeMello                   Brunswick                         United States     

Francine Dempsey          Latham                               United States     

Paula Denissen                 Wolcott                              United States     

Marion Denk                    Fuerth                                Germany            

Kathleen Densmore        San Francisco                   United States     

Mel Deo                            Mallow                              Ireland 

Linval DePass                   Palo Alto, CA                    United States     

Patterson Deppen           Cergy                                 France 

Michael DeRuiter            Lowell                                United States     

Ineke    Deruyter             Portland                             United States     

James   Deshotels           Robertsville                       United States                     Salutation

Alicia      Despaigne         La Habana                         Cuba                                      UJC

Susan Detato                    Brownington                    United States     

Carol Devoss                     St. Charles                        United States     

Anna-Maria DeWitte      Zwijnaarde                        Belgium                                Mothers for Peace

Michael  deYcaza             Honolulu                           United States                     HICHRP

Ginbolf Di gregorio          Caracas                             Venezuela         

Lopo Dias                           Corroios                           Portugal              

Emil Dib                              Staten island                   United States

Klaus Dick                           Ravensburg                     Germany            

Norman Dickinson           Westbrook                       United States     

Michael Dietrich               Schaffhausen                  Switzerland       

Berry Dilley                        Athens                             United States     

Steve Ditore                      Seattle                              United States     

Denis Donnelly                 Saratoga Springs             United States     

Jerome Donnelly              Winter Park, FL               United States     

Kristin Dooley                   Minneapolis                    United States                     Women Against Military 


Jim Dorenkott                   San Francisco                  United States     

Frank Dorrel                      Culver City                       United States                     ADDICTED To WAR

Chantal Dothey C             leveland Heights             United States     

Bob Doyle                                                                     United Kingdom              

Sharyn  Dreyer                  Denver                              United States     

György Droppa Göd                                                    Hungary                               SZAB Organisors for the Left

Phil Duckwall                     Efland                               United States     

John Duddy                        Calgary                             Canada

Neil Dunaetz                      Vail AZ                              United States     

Susan Dupont                    St. Francis                        United States                     Peace Action Wisconsin

Román  Durán                   Lima                                  Peru     

Robin Durston                   Sacramento                     United States                     Sacramento Peace Action

Stephen Dutschke           Louisville                         United States     

Norm Dyck                          Grande Prairie               Canada

Eric dyken                           Port Washington           United States     

Cheryl Dzubak                   Yardville                           United States     

John albert Eadie               Vancouver                      Canada

Nancy eberg                       North Haven                   United States                     greater new haven peace 


Carlos Echevarria              Inglewood                       United States     

Heinz     Eckel                      Berlin                               Germany            

Bernie   Eisenberg            Los Angeles                     United States     

Maya     Elashi                     Oakland                           United States

Björn     Elisson                  Stockholm                       Sweden

Risemarie Ellis                    Melbourne                       Australia             

Howard Emerson             Trinidad                            United States

Gary Erb                               BOULDER, CO                  United States     

Chris Ernesto                                                                  United States                     St. Pete for Peace

Jo Errey                                South Hobart                    Australia             

Eunice Escobar                  Chicago                              United States                     Alliance for Global Justice

John Estes                           Birmingham                       United States     

Susan    Etscovitz              Brookline                            United States                     Alliance for Water Justice in 


Petros   Evdokas               Lefkosia~Nicosia              Cyprus                                  IndyMedia Editorial 


Jill everett                           london                                 United Kingdom              

Vincent Evers                     s’Heer-Arendskerke        Netherlands       

Jamie Ewing                                                                      United Kingdom              

Richard Fairfield                Bonita Springs                   United States     

VALENTINO FALCONE     ORLANDO                           United States     

Michael Falk                       Hermitage                           United States     

Florence Falk                      New York                            United States     

Dr. Ernest Far                     Bonn                                    Germany            

Evelyn   Farbman              Middletown, CT                United States     

Alex Farr                              Sacramento                        United States     

Catherine Fasy                  Philadelphia                       United States     

Margaret Faubion            Vancouver                          United States                     Cascadia Climate Action Now

angela   fazzari                   portland                              United States     

John M. Feeney T              abernacle                            United States     

Bob Feldman                     Brighton                               United States                     Protest Folk Magazine

Helga Fellay                       Carmel Valley                    United States     

Linda Ferland                    Claremont                           United States     

Bryn Fillers                         La Jolla                                 United States     

Anabela Fino                      Corroios                              Portugal              

Elaine Fischer                    Roanoke                              United States     

Jason Fish                           Fair Oaks                             United States     

Ana and Allan Fisher        Santa Cruz                          United States     

William Fisk                        Palm Bay                             United States     

Jonathan Flanders           Troy                                     United States     

Melissa Fleming                Danvers                              United States     

Sara  Flounders                 New York                             United States                     International Action Center

Margaret Flowers                                                           United States                     Popular Resistance

J David Follett                   Milton                                  United States                     MA Peace Action

Jack Ford                             Walnut Creel, CA.             United States     

June Forsyth Kenagy       ALBANY                              United States     

Ronald  Forthofer            Boulder, CO                       United States     

Robert  Foster                   Kaslo                                    Canada

Daniel   Francis                  Spokane Valley                 United States     

Erwin     Franzen                Rodange                              Luxembourg     

Liliana    Frascati                Padova                                 Italy      

Mary Anne Fratelli           Murrells Inlet                     United States     

Frank Fredenburg            Albrightsville                      United States     

Delinke Freed                    Rohnert Park                      United States     

Terri Freedman                 Eureka                                  United States     

Maxwell Freedman         Philadelphia                       United States     

Paul Fried                           Northfield                           United States     

Leanne Friedman             Davis                                     United States     

Joseph  Friendly                New York                            United States                     Truth For A Change

Eustace Frilingos               New York                            United States     

Thorbjørn Fritzbøger      Otterup                                Denmark            

RONALD FUJIYOSHI         Hilo                                      United States                     Ohana Ho`opakele

rebecca FUSCO                 NORTH PLAINFIELD NJ   United States     

William Fusfield                Pittsburgh                           United States     

Sherrill  Futrell                  Davis                                    United States     – 

C             G                          San Diego                            United States     

S.            G.                         New York                             United States     

Richard Gabrio                 San Anselmo                      United States     

Bruce Gagnon                  Bath, Maine                       United States                     Global Network Against 

Weapons & Nuclear Power 

in Space

Trish Gallagher                                                                                                                  CodePink 

Juan Gallardo                   Tucson                                 United States     

Robert  Gardiner             STERLING                            United States     

Rob Gardiner                    St. Neots                             United Kingdom               unison

Rolando Garrido               Mexico                                Mexico

Adriana Garriga-Lopez    Kalamazoo                          United States     

Ann Garrison                    Albany                                  United States     

Matt Geer                         Willow Springs                  United States     

Elke Gemeinhardt           Luxembourg                      Luxembourg     

Philippe Gendrault          San Francisco                     United States     

filippo   gentili                  rome                                     Italy      

Romea Gerini                   Fivizzano                              Italy      

Tammam Ghanem                                                         Canada                

Paul Ghenoiu                    Plattsburgh                         United States     

Robert  Gibb                     Homestead                        United States     

Brian Gibbons                   Fairview Park                     United States     

Laurent Gilbert                 The Villages                        United States     

Shari Gilbertsen                                                              Germany            

Susan    Gill                        San anselmo                       United States     

Gregory Gillis                    Toronto                               Canada

Michael Gimbel                Saylorsburg                        United States                     Retired Executive Board

member, Local 375, 


Mark Ginsburg                  Santa Cruz                          United States     

Peter giono                        Stanwood                           United States     

Richard L Giovanoni        Morton Grove                   United States           

Stach     Glabinski              Gdansk                               Poland 

Rochelle glickman            san diego                            United States     

Cassius Glikshtern           San Francisco                     United States

Prisca    Gloor                    Los Angeles                        United States     

Lee Gloster                        South Bend, IN                  United States     

Peter Godfrey                   Scotland                              United Kingdom              

Jill Godmilow                    New York                             American Samoa              Veterens for Peace

Wolf Goehring                  Bonn                                    Germany            

Frances Goff                     Pasadena                            United States                     UNAC

Donald  Goldhamer         Oak Park                              United States     

Nate      Goldshlag           Arlington                             United States                     Veterans For Peace

Frank     Goldsmith          Brooklyn                              United States     

Juan Gomez                      Santiago                               Chile                                      Movimiento por un mundo 

sin guerras y sin violencia

William G Gonzalez         Suffern                                 United States           

franz      gonzalez             Caracas                                 Venezuela         

Alexistori Gonzalez          Boutte                                  United States                     sustainability 

Joe Good                           Oxford Charter Township United States           

Trevor   Goodger-Hill      Trottier Mills                      Canada 

Marty    Goodman           New York                             United States                     TWU Local 100 Executive

Board, retired

Deborah Goodman         Brookline                             United States     

Kahlil     Goodwyn            Brooklyn                              United States     

Riley      Gordinier            Richmond                            United States     

Raymond T Gordon         BEL AIR                                 United States     

Jean Gordon                     Little Rock                           United States                     WAND

Carol Gordon                    Los Angeles                        American Samoa             

Bonnie  Gorman               Quincy                                 United States     

Maria    Gorokhova         Cleveland                            United States                     CWRU

Bob Gorringe                    San Francisco                     United States     

Peter Gose                        Victoria                                 Canada 

Robert Grace                    Albany                                  United States     

Caryn Graves                    Berkeley                              United States     

Keith Gray                         Armadale                            Australia             

Eric Green                         BRISTOL                               United Kingdom              

Linda Greene                    Unionviille                          United States     

Martha Grevatt                Cleveland                           United States     

Riley Griesenbeck                                                          United States     

Michael Grish                   Austin                                  United States     

William Grosh                  El Centro                             United States     

Eldon Grossman               Chicago                               United States     

Michael Gruber                Santa Cruz                          United States     

Sabine  Guen                    Tunis                                    Tunisia 

Berjouhy & Maurice Valley Cottage United States 


Peter Gunther                Chicago                                United States     

David  Gurarie                Cleveland                            United States                     Case Western Reserve


Valentina Gurarie            Boulder                                United States     

David Gurarie                   Shaker Hts                          United States                     CWRU

Marta Guttenberg           Philadelphia                       United States     

S. H.                                    Duncan                                Canada 

Hannah Hadikin                Toronto                               Canada                                 Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

Paul Haeder                       Waldport                           United States                     Dissident Voice

L. Chris  Hager                   Falls Church                       United States                     Northern Virginians for

Peace and Justice

Lawrence Hager                Falls Church                       United States                     Northern Virginians for 

Peace and Justice

Gabriela Haiden                St. Peter/Au                       Austria  

Adib Halabi                        Strongsville                        

Ryan Hamann                    Milwaukee                         United States     

T Hamboyan Harrison     Grasonville                         United States     

Adelle Hamel                     Anacortes                           United States     

Eric Hamell                         Philadelphia                       United States     

Sate Hamza                        Winnipeg                           Canada

Joseph Hancock                Los Angeles                        United States                     Labor Today

Thomas Hand                    Santa Monica                    United States     

Donald  Hank                     Panama City                      Panama               

Wendy Hansen                 Aromas                               United States     

Art Hanson                         Lansing, Michigan            United States     

John hardesty                    Vancouver                         United States     

H. Hardouf                         Cambridge                         United States     

Amy Harlib                         New York                            United States     

Susan Harman                   Oakland                              United States     

Roger Harris                       Corte Madera                    United States     

Norma J F Harrison          Berkeley                              United States     Peace and Freedom Party, socialist, 

on the California ballot, 

Ute Hasenbein                                                               Germany            

Husnaa Hashim                 Philadelphia                       United States     

Gerald Hassett                  Sunnyside                           United States                     VFP

Mike Hastie                        Portland                              United States     

Christoph Haun                 Bremen                               Germany            

Timothy Havel                   Boston                                 United States     

Savannah Hawkins           Chicago                                United States     

Karen and Jeff Hay           Kailua                                   United States     

Ken  Heard                          Philadelphia                       United States                     Polemics: Journal of the 

Working class Struggle

Mike hearington               Thompsons station          United States     

Rainer Hecht                      Niederneisen                    Germany                             Friedenswerkstatt Sophie-Hedwig 

Else Heiermann                47228 Duisburg                Germany                             GEW

CYNTHIA HEIL                    Asheville                              United States     

Marcus Heizmann            Basel                                     Switzerland                        Bündnis gegen Krieg

Christopher Helali            Vershire                               United States                     Red Banner Anti-Imperialist Collective

Jane Henderson                Stroud                                  United Kingdom               aide-de-camp

Anna Hennelly                   Los Angeles                        United States     

Victoria Henry                   Brisbane                              Australia                              Just Peace Qld Inc

Michael Henry                   Bardon                                Australia                              Just Peace Qld

Robin Hensel                     Little falls                            United States

Ian Henshall                                                                    United Kingdom              

Birgit Hermann                 San Francisco                     United States     

Dara Hernan                      northaampton                  United States     

Gabe Hernandez              Monroe                               United States     

Thomas Hernandez         Corona                                 United States     

Maria Hernandez                                            

Carla Hess                          Makawao                            United States     

Dave Hessert                     Akron                                   United States     

Daniel Higgins                   Quincy                                  United States                     Veterans for Peace

Hollis Higgins                     Spokane                              United States     

Karl Hildenbrand              Pennellville                         United States     

Percy Hilo                           Seattle                                 United States     

Jan Hinderyd                      KARLSHAMN                      Sweden 

Amy Hines                          Clayton                                

Mark Hines                         Farmington Hills                United States     

CJ Hinke                              North Wales PA                United States                     Nonviolent Conflict

Workshop (NVCW)

Mares   Hirchert                Hartland                              United States     

Steven  Hobbs                   San Carlos                           United States     

Sally Hobson                      Swinton                               United Kingdom              

Judie Hoeppner                Lihue                                     United States     

Marilyn Hoff                      Arroyo Hondo                    United States                     Code Pink

Monique Hoffmann        Mechelen                           Belgium               

Patricia Hoge                     Niwot                                  United States     

Matthew Hoh                    Wake Forest                      United States     

Abear Holhut                     New York                           United States     

Jack Holmes                       Milwaukee                         United States     

David holstrom                 Harbor City                        United States     

Bill Holt                               Austin                                 United States     

Deanna homer                  Stillwater                            United States     

Cheri Honkala                    Philadelphia                       United States                     Poor People’s Economic 

Human Rights. campaign/ / 

Poor People’s Army

Robin  Hordon                 Kingston                             United States                     Puget Sound Peace Presence

Jovohn Hornbuckle         Cedar Hill                            United States     

Catherine  Hourcade       Stockton                             United States     

Amelia  Hoy                        Brooklyn                             United States

Ivan Huber                          Los Angeles                        United States                     FDU AAUP (inactive). Prof. Emeritus Biology

Martha Hubert                  San Francisco                    American Samoa              SF CODEPINK

Richard Hull                        Frome                                United Kingdom              

Barbara Humphrey          Ludowici                            United States                     Savannah Justice and Peace Collective

Shauna Humphreys        Birch Bay, WA                    United States

Rick Humphreys               Birch Bay WA 98230        United States                     FDU – Vancouver

Catherine Hunt                 Monroe Township           United States     

SHAMOON HUSAIN        Silver Spring                       United States     

Wade Hyde                         Atlanta                                United States     

Gui In De Betouw             Charlottesville                   United States     

Sam Inabinet                     Virginia Beach                   United States     

Yanis Iqbal                          Aligarh                                India     

Chawki Irving                     Catonsville, MD                 United States                     All-African People’s

Revolutionary Party

Adam Izak-Sunna             Rotterdam                         Netherlands                       Vrede Met Venezuela 


Mary Izett                           Walnut Creek CA              United States                     Voices for Justice in

Palestine; Berkeley 

Women in Black

Helen Jaccard                    Clearlake                          United States                     Veterans For Peace 

Karen Jacques                   Sacramento                     United States     

X-abian Jahi                        Largo                                 United States     

Roger James                       Guerneville                       United States     

Joe Jamison                        Bayside, NY                      United States     

Glen Janken                       Los Angeles                      United States     

Linda Jansen                      Seattle                              United States                     Stand Up Seattle

Yves JARDIN                       Douarnenez                    France 

Jake Javanshir                    North York                       Canada

Katelon Jeffereys             Kingston                          United States     

TP Jeffrey                            Charlotte                          United States     

Monroe Edwin Jeffrey,   Shawnee                           United States                     International Tribal 


Elisabeth Jenders             D-48291 Telgte               Germany            

Vyonne Jenks                     Pocatello                         United States     

John Jensen                       6830 Lunde, Nr. Nebel   Denmark            

Cindy Jensen                      Aloha                                 United States     

Munir Jirmanus                 Medford                             United States     

Bo Johansson                    Göteborg                            Sweden

Ronald  Johnson               Arden Hills                          United States     

frank james johnson       chicago                                United States     

Mary Johnson                   Mount Kisco                       United States     

Gretchen Johnson            Burnsville, MN                   United States     

David johnson                   Champaign                         United States                     Champaign-Urbana DSA

Roger Johnson                  South Range                       United States     

Alan Johnson                     Honolulu                              United States     

Kerry Johnson                   Bellingham                          United States                     Bellingham Peace Vigil

Charles Johnson               Chicago                                United States     

Christine Johnston          Victoria                                 Canada 

Craig      Johnston             dundee                                United Kingdom              

Diana     Johnstone           Paris                                      France  

Aidan    Jonah                    Toronto                                Canada                                 The Canada Files

Dwain   Jones                    Las Cruces                           United States     

Ronald  Jones                    Dover                                    United States     

Lois Jordan                        Tucson                                  United States     

Janet Jordan                     Olympia                               United States     

Danielle K                          El Dorado Hills                   United States     

Omar K                                                                             United States     

S. Kaehn                             oakland                                United States     

Chris Kaihatsu                   Jacksonville                        United States     

Jutta Kaiser                         Valverde                             Spain    

Jason Kamalie                    Mogadore                           United States     

Debra Kaplan                     Eustis                                   United States     

Raza Kara                            Richmond Hill                    Canada 

Carmencita Karagdag- Quezon City Philippines Voices of Women for Justice and 

Peralta Peace 

Paul Karitis                         Frederick                             United States     

Jürgen Karsten                  Berlin                                    Germany            

Lulwa    Kassawat             Toronto                               Canada

Michael Kast                      Los Angeles                        United States     

Bruce Katz                           L’ÎLE-PERROT                     Canada

Tarak Kauff                         Woodstock                        United States                     Peace & Planet News & NYC 

Veterans For Peace

Chuck    Kaufman              Tucson                               United States                     Alliance for Global Justice

Peggy    Kaufmann           East Greenbush                United States     

Kristin   Kaul                                                                     United States     

Jim  Kavanagh                                                                                                          

joachim kayser                   tübingen                            Germany            

Stephen Keast                   Slaterville Springs, NY     United States    

Christine keavney            wollongong                       Australia             

Michael Keleher               Glendale                            United States     

Robert  Keller                    Brattleboro                       United States     

dorinda kelley                    portland                             United States     

Daniel   Kelly                      Albany                                 United States     

Frank Keoghan                  Dublin                                  Ireland 

Chris Kermiet                     Denver                                 United States     

Harry Kershner                 Portland                               United States     

Paul Kesler                          Bridgeport                          United States     

Maher Khandji                  Pittsburgh                           United States     

Tony Khawam                   Fort Lauderdale                United States     

John Kilcher                        Colonie                                United States     

Ed kinane                            syracuse, new york          United States                     upstate drone action 


Jerry King                            Longview                             United States     

Barry Kissin                         Frederick                             United States     

Kit Kittredge                       Quilcene                              United States                     Quilcene Peace Coalition

Joseph  Klam                                                                    United States     

Susan Klein                         New Haven                         United States     

James Klein                         Corpus Christi                    United States     

Gary Kleppe                       Villa Park                             United States     

Madeleine Klinkhamer   Amsterdam                        Netherlands                       AYANI BV

Ulla Klötzer                        Espoo                                    Finland                                 Women Against Nuclear Power

Dee Knight                         Bronx                                    United States DSA

Susan Knotek                     North Royalton                 United States     

Lucas Koerner                   Philadelphia                       United States     

Karl Koessel                        McKinleyville                     United States     

Michael F. Kolassa           Brooklyn                              United States     

Robert Kolkebeck           Park Forest                         United States     

Theodora Kolokotroni    Kalamata                             Greece 

Dimitris Athens Greece The Delphi Inititative –

Konstantakopoulos DefendDemocracy.Press

Meryle A. Korn                  Bellingham, WA                United States

Rick Koselke                       Loves Park                          United States     

Bonnie  Koshofer             Schenectady                      United States     

Fred Koster                         New York                           United States     

Albert  Kousa                     Sydney                               Australia

Günter Krause                  Duisburg                            Germany            

Veiko Krauß                        Leipzig                                Germany

Kerry Krebill                        Clancy                                United States     

Stefan   Kreft                                                                  Germany            

Patty Krockel                      Patchogue                         United States     

Evan Kroeker                     Carbondale                       United States     

Susan Kuehn                      Toledo                               United States     

Jeremy Kuzmarov            Tulsa                                   United States                     CovertAction Magazine

Mary     L.                           Charleston                         United States     

Florian  Laber                                                                 Germany            

Roger    Lagassé                Sechelt, BC                         Canada                                 Sunshine Coast Peace Group

Cassia    Laham                                                              United States                   Freedom Road Socialist Org.

Frank     Lahorgue             San Rafael                          United States     

Raymond Lambert           Zaporozhye                        Ukraine

Dmitry  Landa                   Woodhaven                       United States                     International Rescue Cmty 

Stephen Lane                    Bethesda                             United States     

Linda Lane                         Delray Beach Florida       United States    

Candace  LaPorte             Las Vegas                             United States     

Barbara Larcom                WOOSTER                           United States     

David Larsen                      Portland                              United States                     Veterans for Peace, Maine Chapter 001

Ricardo Lártiga                                                                Canada

Paul Larudee                      El Cerrito                             United States                     Syria Solidarity Movement 

Nina lassila                                                                       Finland

Lea Launokari                    Kirkkonummi                     Finland                                 Women for Peace, Finland

Ebbe Lauridsen                 København Ø                     Denmark                             Lundehus Kirke

Peter auterbach               Bad Kreuznach                  Germany            

Fred Lavy                             Harrisonburg                     United States     

Barbara Laxon                    Bradford                             United States     

Cynthia Lazarenko           Edmonton                          Canada

Hon. Thomas Lazieh        Central Falls                       United States                     Former Mayor City of 

Central Falls, R.I.

Michael Leahan                Florence                             United States     

Jack Leavitt                         E. Bradenton                      United States     

Mary Lebert                       Brighton                             United States     

David     Ledesma              San Jose                             United States     

Michi Lee                            Alameda                             United States     

Elizabeth Lee                     St Anthony                         Canada                                 MAWO

Deborah Lee                      NY, NY                                 United States     

Peter Lee                             San Francisco                    United States     

Klaus E. Lehmann             Munich                                Germany            

Gil Leib                                Santa Monica,                   United States     

Shea Leibow                       Seattle                                United States                     Youth Against Empire

Heinz Leitner                     Wien/Vienna                     Austria  

Eduardo G Leon                Caracas                               Venezuela         

Samnu  Leppe                   Idleyld Park                        United States     

Bruce Lesnick                     Seattle                                United States     

Maggie Lesoing                 Friday Harbor                    United States     

Mary Lester                        Hemlock                            United States     

Linda     LeTendre             Saratoga Springs               United States                     Saratoga Peace Alliance 

Sharon  Lethbridge          Salmon Arm                      Canada

Tammy Lettieri                  Coconut Creek                  United States     

Claudia Leung                    Oakland                             United States     

Drake    Lewis                    District of Columbia        United States                     Celtic Communist Party

Bob Lichtenbert                Chicago                              United States

Sofya Lillie                          Bracknell                           United Kingdom               SCC Europe

Houriaj Limam                   Frankfurt                          Germany                             people4people e.V 

kara j Lincoln                     Port Townsend                United States                     i come to talk story

Melanie Lindayen            Oakville                              Canada

Kevin Lindemann             Winfield, IL                        United States     

Susan  Linden                     Palm Bay                          United States     

Tami Linder                        Rio Rancho                       United States     

Suzy Lindgren                                                               United States     

Willy Lipschutz                  Hollywood, FL 33021      United States     

Christopher Lish                San Rafael                        United States     

Stephen Liss                      Wilbur                               United States     

Steve Livingston               Chicago                             United States     

Erik Lobo                            Chicago                             United States                     Veterans For Peace

Patricia Locke                                                               United States     

Helen Lofgren                   Halifax                               Canada

Jon Logan                           New York                         United States     

Dave Logsdon                    Minneapolis                    United States                     Veterans For Peace

Leslie Lomas                      Boulder                            United States     

Roland  Lombard              Gif sur Yvette                  France 

Joe Lombardo                   Delmar                             United States                     UNAC   

Al Long                               Norfolk, VA                      United States     

John Long                          Buffalo                              United States                     First Presbyterian Church

David Longacre                 Toledo                              United States                     Multi Faith Council

Marilyn Sutton  Loos       Haverford                         United States     

Lonnie  Lopez                    Tukwila                             United States     

Christian Lorenz               Campen                             Germany            

Joel lorimer                       abq                                     United States     

Tamara Lorincz                 Waterloo                           Canada                                 VOW

Andras  Lorincz                 Lafayette                           United States     

Vitoria   Loudisv                Douglaston                       United States     

Jim Loveland                      Gulfport                             United States     

Henry Lowendorf             New Haven                        United States                     Greater New Haven Peace 


Xueyi Lu                             Chicago                               United States     

Mary Lucchese                 Rome                                   United States                     codepink

Karen Lull                          Claremont                           United States     

Beatrice Lumpkin             Chicago                               United States     

Lars Lundkvist                  VÄSTERÅS                           Sweden 

Denise  Lytle                     Woodbridge                       United States     

Bob m   hobbs                                                                United States     

Amir M. MAASOUMI      Montréal.                            Canada 

Nick Macdonald               Brooklyn                              United States     

Ethel MacDonald             Missoula                              United States     

David Macilwain              Sandy Creek Victoria        Australia                              Syria Solidarity Movement

Judith Mackenzie             Minneapolis                       United States     

Jeff Mackler                       United States                     Socialist Action

Karin Madden                  Tampa                                  United States     

William Madden              Tampa                                  United States     

Calli Madrone                   Bend                                     United States     

Martin  Madzarevic         Upland                                 United States     

Pete magee                                                                     United Kingdom              

Joel Maguire                     West Barnstable               United States     

Ghaleb Mahayni               Lawrenceville                     United States     

Janet maker                      Los Angeles                        United States     

Jeanine Maland                Asheville                             United States     

Gloria    Maldonado         Redwood City                    United States     

Daniela Mallone               Barbate               

Gail Malone                       Wendoree Park                Australia             

Sheila Malone                   Farmingdale                       United States     

Tahera  Mamdani             Fridley                                 United States     

Helga Mankovitz              Kingston                              Canada 

Stephen Maranzano       Costa Mesa                        United States     

Richard Marcuse              West Vancouver               Canada

ALFRED MARDER              New Haven                         United States                     US PEACE COUNCIL

Gianna rosa                       Marino Venice                  Italy                                       PaxChristi International

Italian Section 

Chris Marrs                        Port Townsend                 United States     

Maurice Martin                 Berkeley                             United States                     San Francisco State

Daniel Martin                    Lancaster                            United States     

Ana Marton                       New York                            United States     

Andrea Marx                     Salt Spring Island              Canada 

Gene  Marx                        Bellingham                         United States                     Veterans For Peace 

Wolfgang Masarié           Mauerkirchen                   Austria  

EILEEN  MASSEY               Oakland                               United States     

Rik Masterson                   Hilo                                      United States     

Ursula Mathern                Merxheim                           Germany            

MHAIRI MATHESON        Kyle of Lochalsh                United Kingdom               Craggie Cottage

Larry Maxwell                    Montross                           United States     

John Maxwell                    THOMPSON FALLS           United States     

Nancy May                         Olympia                              United States     

Oscar Maya                        Fayetteville                        United States     

Tom Mayer                        Boulder                               United States     

Patrick  McCann               Lake Worth, FL                  United States                     Veterans For Peace past 

national president (2013-4)

Julie McCarthy                 Westminster                      United States     

Gordon McClelland         GUILDERLAND                   United States     

Jean McClure                    Calgary                                 Canada 

Duane McCormick           Columbus                            United States     

Charlie  McD                                                                   United Kingdom              

Michael McDonagh         San Francisco                     United States     

Patric mceneaney           Mississauga                       

Charles McFadden          Fredericton                        Canada 

Sadie McFarlane               San Francisco                     United States     

Charles McGarry              Washington                        United States     

Terence McGinity            London                                 United Kingdom              

Bill McGrath                      Northfield                           United States     

Helen    Mcilduff               Belfast                                 Ireland

Dave      McKee                 Port Angeles, WA             United States     

Don        McKelvey            Euclid                                  United States     

Helen    McLagan              Dunedin                              New Zealand      

Laurie    McLaughlin         Montreal                            Canada

Diane    McLoughlin         East Hampton                    United States     

Douglas McMichael         Peru                                     United States     

Sally McMillan                  Iowa City                             United States     

Alan McThredder             Brighton                              United Kingdom              

Alayna  Meade                 Tucson                                 United States     

Rev. F. Mark Meadow Creek Canada

Mealing Ph.D  

James Meeks                  Toronto                               Canada 

Karen Melander Magoon San Francisco                 United States                     Church for the Fellowship of

All Peoples

Joe melillo                          trenton, nj                          United States     

Kathryn Melton                Deer Park                            United States     

Bob Meola                         Berkeley                              United States                     War Resisters League

Nancy Meredith               Santa Rosa                          United States     

Fran Merker                      Brooklyn                              United States     

Twyla Meyer                     Pomona                               United States     

gerald   meyer                  New York                             United States     

Archison Mhlaba             City of Johannesburg     South Africa                        Igula lemfundo

James   Miles                    West Palm Beach             United States     

Mary     Miller                   PETALUMA                         United States     

Joyce     Miller                   New York                             United States     

Suzanne Miller                  Oneonta                              United States     

Steve    Miller                    Birmingham                        United States     

Mariana Miller- Bronx United States JPIC and Climate Care of 

D’Alessandro                          Good Shepard Church

Gerry    Milliken                Cottonwood                      United States     

Kathleen Mireault            Jamaica Plain                      United States     

ronnie   mitchell               bellingham                          United States     

Jonathan Mitchell            Madison, AL                       United States     

Brian Mitchell                   Naples                                  United States     

David Mitchell                  Antalya                                 Turkey  

Patrick J Mitchell              Poughkeepsie                   United States     

Darren  Mitton                  Danielsville                         United States     

Becca Mohally Renk        Sandpoint                           United States     

Kara Moller                        Washington                        United States     

Michael Monroe              Brookline                             United States     

Eric Montague                  Oakland                               United States     

Jean Mont-Eton                San Francisco                     United States     

Callum  Moore                  Blackpool                             United Kingdom              

Colin Moran                       Eugene                                United States     

Steven  Morgenthaler    Kelseyville                           United States     

gilda       morkert               Underwood                       United States     

Andrew Morris                  London                                United Kingdom              

Gwen Morris                      Duncan, B.C.                      Canada

Jacques Morris                  Sechelt                                Canada

Bob Morse                         Ashland                               United States     

Charity  Moschopoulos  Annandale                          United States     

Gail Mott                           Rochester                           United States     

Michael Motta                 Holland Charter Township United States          

Nick Mottern                    Hastings on Hudson        United States           

Marion Mourtada            Dearborn                            United States                     Anti-war

Martin  Mowforth           Tavistock                            United Kingdom              

Cary Moy                            Oak Park                            United States     

Elio Mugnaini                     Florence                            Italy      

John Muhanna                  Jersey City                         United States     

Thomas Muhr                    Lisbon                                Portugal                               ISCTE-University Institute 

Manik   Mukherjee         Kolkata                              India                                      All India Anti-imperialist 


Nick Mulford                      San Francisco                    United States     

S Mumford                         Alexandria                          United Kingdom              

Molly murdey                    portland                             United States     

Lauren  Murdock              Santa Barbara                   United States  

Patricia Murphy                Dallas                                  United States     

Austin   Murphy                Lake Orion                         

Bashar  Murtada              Daphne               

Izzeddin Musa                   Nordrhein-Westfalen – Germany


Daphne Muse                   Brentwood                         United States                     Oasis in the Diaspora

Peter Myers                       Childers                               Australia             

T N                                       Emeryville                           United States     

Fred Nagel                          Rhinebeck                          United States     

Jim Nasella                         Glendale                             United States     

Amador Navidi                  sydney                                 Australia             

Abdul Hameed  Nayyar  Islamabad                           Pakistan              

Naim Nazha                        Linwood                              United States     

Ben Neale                           Mill Bay                               Canada

D Neibert                                                                         Canada

James Nelson                    St. Louis                               United States     

Rusty Nelson                      Spokane, WA                     United States                     Spokane Veterans For Peace 

Victor Nepomnyashchy North Hills                           United States     

John Nettleton                  Portland, OR                       United States     

Elizabeth Neuse                                                              United States     

Jane Newton                     So.Londonderry                United States     

Joan Nicholson                  Kennett Square                United States     

Rael Nidess MD                 Marshall                              United States     

Kathy Nitsan                                                                    United States     

Sandra  NK                         Castro Valley                      American Samoa             

douglas noble                    Rochester NY                     United States     

Zeb Noormohamed        Lake Hopatcong                United States     

Fred Norman                     San Leandro                       United States                     Veterans For Peace 

Margaret Norris                Woking                                United Kingdom              

Russell Novkov                 Madison                               United States     

Gary Nuccio                       Bryson City                          United States     

Tom Nulty                          Dana Point                          United States     

Elisabeth Nyffenegger    Begnins                                Switzerland       

Kate nyne                           Oakland                               United States     

Marlene Obeid                  Sydney,                                Australia                             Hands Off Syria, Sydney, Australia

Brendan O’Brien               London                                United Kingdom              

Sinéad  O’Brien                 Dublin                                  Ireland 

Bill O’Brien                         Beaverton                           United States

meave  oconnor               berkeley                              United States                     code pink

Maddy  Oden                    Oakland                               United States     

Laura M. Ohanian            Eugene                                 United States     

Dante O’Hara                    Washington                        United States                     Claudia Jones School for 

Political Education

Lucienne O’Keefe            Greenbrae                          United States     

Stefan   Olhede                 Hässelby                              Sweden 

Ovidio Oliveira                  Rio de Janeiro                    Brazil    

Corey E. Olsen                  Delafield                              United States     

Kari Olsen                                                                        United States     

John O’Neill                       ALBION PARK                     Australia             

Stephen Oren                   Chicago                                United States     

Annette O’Sullivan           Lower Hutt                          New Zealand     

J p                                       BROADVIEW                      United States     

Lorna Paisley                    Lake Balboa                        United States     

Robert Palmer                 Rosemount                        United States

Patricia Palulis                 Ottawa                                Canada                                 University of Ottawa

Alan Papscun                   Stockbridge MA                United States     

Manuel  Pardo                 Madrid                                Spain                                     Frente Antiimperialista 


Jan Passion                       Pleasant Hill                       United States     

Muriel Passmore             Beare Green                      United Kingdom              

Caron    Passmore           Warnbro                             Australia             

David     Passmore           Warnbro                             Australia             

Rashid   Patch                   Oakland                              United States     

Richard Patenaude          Hayward                             United States     

Richard Pathak                 Toronto                               Canada

Cecil  Paul                          San Juan                              Trinidad and Tobago       National Workers Union 

Stephen Paulmier            Hilo                                       United States                   Hawai’i Friends of the Soviet 


C Thomas Payne               Shortsville                           United States     

Laura Paz                           Evanston                             United States                     Comite de justicia en 


Dean Peckham                 New Haven                         United States     

Jeffrey  Pekrul                  San Francisco                     United States     

Andreas Pelzer                 Ronshausen                       Germany            

Lindis  Percy                      Harrogate                           United Kingdom               Co-Founder of the Campaign

for the Accountability

of American Bases – 


Paolo Peri Sestri               Levante                               Italy      

Robert Perkins                  Carson City                         United States     

Kae Peterman                   New Brunswick                 United States     

Lorin Peters                       San Leandro                       United States     

Erika Petersen                  New York                            United States     

Charles Peterson             San Antonio                       United States     

Liana Petranek                 Honolulu                             United States     

Erik Pettersen                   Madison                             United States                     Sierra Club

Terry Phelan                     Albany                                 United States                     Bethlehem Neighbors for


Letty Phillips                     Statesville                           United States     

Robert  Phillips                 Pacific Grove                     United States     

John Philpot                      Montréal                            Canada

Jon Phipps                         Fielding                               United States     

Roxie  Piatigorski              West Sacramento             United States     

Cecile pineda                    Berkeley                             United States                     code pink

Mary Pinotti-Kaessinger New York                           United States                     PeoplesMTA

Thomas Plagemann         San Francisco                    United States     

Catherine podojil             cleveland heights, ohio  United States     

Carolyn Poinelli                Boston                                United States     

Claudine Pôlet                  Bruxelles                            Belgium                                au nom de COMITE


Michael Pollock                Durham                               United States     

David  Polson                    Port Moody                        Canada 

Douglas Pomeroy            Brooklyn                             United States     

Jackie Pomies                    San Francisco                     United States     

Dale Pondysh                    Nicholville                           United States                     North Country Veterans for


Gareth  Porter                   Arlington, VA                     United States                     Independent Journalist

Timothy Post                     Roeland Park                     United States     

Anna Potempska              Forest Hills                         United States     

william  potvin                  willimantic                         United States                     veterans for peace

Judi Poulson                      Fairmont                            United States     

Cornelia Praetorius         Berlin                                   Germany            

brooke prim                      tucson                                 United States     

Rob Prince                         Denver                                United States     

Fiona Priskich                    Swan View                         United States     

George Prudent               Woodruff                            United States     

Nicholas Prychodko        Bridgehampton                United States     

Carol Przybylak                 Sloan                                   United States                     Erie County Green Party

Lisa Quad                                                                        United States     

Brigitte Queck                   Potsdam                             Germany                             Mütter gegen den Krieg

Berlin Brandenburg

Maria Quinta                     Bristol                                 United Kingdom              

Ahmad Rabbie                  San Diego                           United States     

Rhonda Ramiro                                                             United States                     BAYAN USA

Ken Ranney                        Peterborough                   Canada                                 Stop Climate Change Party

Sandra  Rasich                   santa fe                             United States     

Doris  Rausch                     Tullahoma                        United States     

Doug  Rawlings                  Chesterville                      United States                     Maine Veterans For Peace 


G Douglas Ray                    Astoria                              United States     

Linda  Ray                           San Francisco                   United States     

John  Re                              Granville                           American Samoa             

Scott Reed                          Sunderland                      United States     

Barrie Reid                          Greenock                         United Kingdom              

Douglas Reilly                    Delmar                              United States     

Joseph  Reilly                     highlands                          United States     

Neal Resnikoff                  Chicago                             United States                     Chicago Anti-War Coalition 

Brian      Reynolds             Atlantic City                      United States     

William Rice                       Alna                                   United States     

Kate Rich                             Homer                              United States     

Hilda Richey                                                                  United States                     UNAC

Ron Ridenour                    Koege                                Denmark            

Barry Riesch                       Saint Paul                          United States                     Veterans For Peace

Bob Riggs                            Bethlehem, PA                 United States     

Mario G. Rivera                 Albuquerque                    United States     

Rick Rivet                            Belleville                             Canada 

Donna   Rivet                     Belleville                             Canada 

Doug Robertson               paihia                                  New Zealand     

Stanley Robinson             Wayland                             United States     

Chris Robinson                                                                Ireland  

Megan Robinson             Lichfield                               United States     

Brent     Rocks                    Portland                               United States     

Lotte Rodi                       Schwäbisch Gmünd         Germany                             Friedenswerkstatt 

Mutlangen e V.

Jelica     Roland                                                                Croatia  

Mark     Rolofson              Gearhart                              United States     

William  Rood                    Rochester                           United States                     SE MN Alliance of

Peacemakers (SEMNAP)

Janet Rosenbury              West Des Moines             United States                     Plymouth UCC Des Moines

Carolyn Rosenstein         Los Angeles                        United States     

Melvin  Rosenthal            Walnut Creek                    United States     

Anthony Rosner                Watertown                        United States     

Laurent Ross                                                                   Dominican Republic        

Mark Rossman                  Findlay                                 United States     

Robert  Roth                      Eugene                                United States     

Jerome Roth                      Tempe                                 United States     

Martha Roth                      Vancouver                          Canada                                 Independent Jewish Voices-Canada

Richard Rothschiller        Honolulu                             United States                     Psychologists for Social

Responsibility Hawai`i

Coleen  Rowley                 Apple Valley                      United States                     Women Against Military


Rob Roy                               Portland                             United States     

Maria  Rua                         Paterson                             United States     

Kenneth Ruby                   Salem                                   United States     

Ella Rule                              London                                United Kingdom               Communist Party of Great 

Britain (ML)

Douglas Ryder                   Durham                               United States                     Chapter 157 Eisenhower 


Lynette Rynders               Strasburg                             United States     

Lilly Ryterski                       Homer                                United States     

Rohan   Sabnis                   Claremont                          United States     

Steven Sahiounie            Lattakia                               United States                     Mideast discourse 

Herbert Sahlmann           Bonn                                    Germany            

Surjit Sahota                      Brampton                           United States

Reme    Sakr                                                                      Syria      

Karine   Saleck                   Paris                                     France  

Brian Salisbury                  Sheffield                              United Kingdom              

Steven  Sallie                      MESA                                    United States                     Truth & Justice 

Stéphan  Salut                                                                   France  

Avram   Salzmann             Homer                                 United States     

Michael salzmann            Anchor Point                      United States     

Vida Samiian                      Dana Point                         United States     

Mary Sanders                    Hartford                               United States     

Elísio Sardo                         PENICHE                              Portugal              

Andrea Saunders             Sellersville                           United States     

Carolyn Scarr                     Berkeley                              United States     

Michael Schaefer             Saint Louis                           United States     

Waltraud Schauer            Vienna                                  Austria                                  WiB

Eric Schechter                   Nashville                              United States     

Anne Scheetz                    Chicago                                United States     

David Scheidt                     Durham                               United States     

KikA  Scheimann               Lisbon                                   Portugal              

Michael Scheinberg        Collingswood                    United States     

Maureen Schilder            South Burlington              United States     

Morley Schloss                 Loxahatchee                      United States     

Martha Schmidt               Bothell                                  United States     

John Schmittauer             Millfield                                United States     

Rebecca Schmoyer                                         

Ginny    Schneider            South Portland Maine    United States                     Maine WTR Resource Center

Alf Herman Schonhardt Kristiansand                       Norway 

Miguel schroth                                 

Bianca   Schubert              Wustrow                             Germany            

Margaret Schulenberg   ROUND ROCK                    United States     

Ziona     Schulthess          Basel                                    Switzerland       

Marie Schulze-Springer Bochum                               Germany                             – Keine –

Robert  Schutzus              Florissant                             United States     

Elizabeth Schwartz          Long Island City                 United States     

Steve Scianni                    Fullerton                              United States     

Mark scibilia-carver         Trumansburg                     United States

Rodger Scott                     San Francisco, CA             United States     

Jennifer Scott                    Fort Myers Beach             United States     

Douglas Sedon               Jefferson                             United States     

Olga Sevilla                       Canoga Park                       United States     

EDWARD SEYMOUR        CARDIFF (NSW)                 Australia             

Mohanad Shaabani         Damascus                           Syria                                      Alikhbaria News Channel

Suhail    Shafi                    Mechanicsburg                 United States     

shad      shak                     Diamond Bar                      United States     

Renee   Shalhoub             Roxbury                              United States     

Steve Shapiro                   Takoma Park                      United States     

Daniel   Shaw                    Yonkers                               United States                     City University of NY, Council 

on Hemispheric Affairs

Michael Shea                    Belfast                                 United Kingdom               Veterans for Peace

CINDY   SHEEHAN             VACAVILLE                         United States                     CINDY SHEEHAN’S SOAPBOX

Elizabeth Sheppard         Portland, OR                       American Samoa             

Francine Sheppard          Columbia,                           Maryland                           

Larry Sherk                        Springfield, VT                   United States     

Lynn Shoemaker              Whitewater                       United States     

Vyacheslav Shokurov     Baltimore                           United States     

Mia  Shouha                     Sydney                                Australia                              H.O.S

Antonia Shouse               Ithaca                                  United States     

Bill Shpikula                      Toronto, Ontario              Canada 

Chris shwarzmaier                                                       Germany            

Zac Sidawi                         Costa Mesa CA USA         United States     

Genie Silver                      Wynnewood                      United States     

Rob Simley                        Newbury Park                   United States     

William Simon                  Clayton                               United States     

Brian Simpson                   Seattle                               United States     

Angad Singh                      Towson                              United States

Jan-Erik Sjögren                Dalarö                                Sweden

Darren Skotnes                 Delmar                               United States     

LIDA SKRZYPCZAK            Washington                       United States

William Smart                   Dothan                               United States     

Rev. David B. Smith         Sydney                                Australia                              Fighting Fathers Ministries 

Scott M Smith                   Albuquerque, NM           United States     

Sandra  Smith                    Cedarburg                         United States     

Brenda Smith                    Tallahassee                        United States     

Deidra   Smith                   Loveland                             United States     

Stansfield Smith                Chicago United States     Chicago                                ALBA Solidarity

Elizabeth  Smith                Kansascity                          United States     

Theron Snell                      Albuquerque                     United States     

Anthony Snelling Berg    Tauranga                             New Zealand     

Bassil     Soueiti                 Ottawa                                Canada

Mohammed Soussi         Halethorpe                         United States     

Luca spano’                       milano                                 Italy                                       cclgm

M.  Spiess                          Portland                              United States                     Peace Action Maine

Rosemary spiota                                                            France  

J. Michael Springmann   Washington, D.C.             United States     

Mary Sprunger-Froese   Colorado Springs              United States     

Konstantinos Spyratos   CABA                                    Argentina           

Michael Squarrel              Perris                                   United States     

Stan Squires                      Vancouver                          Canada 

David St. Jean                   Victoria                                Canada

Gene St.Onge                   Oakland                               United States     

Bonita   Staas                    Orangeville                         United States     

Rick Staggenborg             Albany                                  United States                     Health Care for All Oregon

Bill Stansbery                    Ellensburg, Washington United States    

Bistra    Staykova              Sofia                                    Bulgaria               

hugh      steadman           Blenheim                            New Zealand                      Khakispecs

LEON     STEPHENS                                                        Spain    

David     Sterin                  New Port Richey               United States     

Rick sterling                      Walnut Creek                    United States     

Karen stickney                  Lewiston                             United States     

Robert H Stiver                 Pearl City, Hawaii             United States

Beatrice Stodola               Sarasota                             United States     

Roger    Stoll                      San Rafael, CA                   United States     

Ken Stone                                                                       Canada                                 Hamilton Coalition to Stop

the War

Susan Stout                       North Vancouver             Canada 

Roland  St-Pierre              St-Hubert                           Canada

Ronald  Stubbs                 Coral Gables                      United States     

P. Sturm                             Reno                                   United States     

Sukanya Subramanian    Santa Rosa                         United States     

Steven  Sugarman           Malibu                                 United States                     Earth Evolution

Aida Suidn                          Atlanta                               United States     

Merri Sullian                      Martinsburg                      United States     

Kenneth Sullivan              Brooklyn                             United States

Robert  Sullivan                New Orleans                      United States                     First Unitarian Universalist

Church of New Orleans

Cornelia Sullivan              Boston                                 United States

Dwyer   Sullivan               Kitchener                            Canada 

Rivera   Sun                       El Prado                               United States     

Deborah Sunderman      Belton                                  United States     

Christine Sundqvist         Luleå                                    Sweden

Jeffrey  Surovell                NEW YORK                         United States     

Juergen Suttner                Siegen                                 Germany            

Bo Svensson                      Santa Rosa                         United States     

Roberta  Swanson            Walnut                                United States     

Adrian Swanston              Burnaby                              Canada 

Christian  Sweningsen    Stuyvesant                         United States     

tammy  swoboda             indianapolis                       United States     

Jennifer Talarico               Haddon Township           United States     

Mark     Taliano                 Grimsby, ON                     Canada

Dave      Tavalin                 New York                           United States     

Ron        Taylor                  Casa Grande                     United States

Sharon  Tee                       New Haven                       United States     

Jessica  Tenhoff                Homer                               United States                     Nomad Shelter Alaskan Yurts

Terumi  TERAO                 Yashio                                Japan   

Gary Thaler                       Revere                                United States     

Rev. Glen Thamert          jemez springs                    United States                     Jemez Peacemakers

Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana Hyderabad        India                            

Paul Thomas                     Granville                            United States     

David Thomas Sr              Fort Erie                             Canada                                 Canadian-Cuban Friendship 

Association of Niagara

Pam Thomas-Hill              San Bernardino                 United States     

Fern Tishman                    New York City                    United States                     9-11-01 Truth and Justice 

Verena Tobler Linder      Zuerich                             Switzerland                           CoreCulture

Michael Tomczyszyn       San Francisco                     United States     

Eleanor Toth                      Bolton                                American Samoa             

Erline Towner                    Milford                               United States     

John Townsend                Holly Hill                             United States     

Heide Trampus                 Scarborough                      Canada                                 Canadian Union of Public 

Employees (CUPE)

Ted Tripp                           Apalachicola                      American Samoa              Sunrise Skipper

Tracy S  Troth                    Pearl                                   United States     

Barbara Trypaluk              Saratoga Springs              United States     

Stephen Tucker                Everett                                United States     

Fusun    Tufan                    Salem                                 United States     

arthur   tunley                   Sudbury                             United Kingdom              

David     Turnoy                 Eastsound                         United States     

Ralph     Tuscher                Cement City                     United States     

Carl        Tyndall                 Brooklyn                           United States     

Gene     Ulmer                   Salt Lake Cty                     United States     

Heidi uppgaard                 Minneapolis                      United States     

Ell Usaab                             London                              United Kingdom

James Vallejos                   Aurora                               United States     

Richard Van Aken             Churchville                        United States     

Medora Van Denburgh   Medford                             United States     

Bas van der Wiel               Woudrichem                     Netherlands      

Alain van gindertael        niort                                   France                                  PRCF/PCF

Irena Varjabedian            Glendale                             United States

Marcelo Vazquez             Alabama                              United States     

Mario F. Venegas             Evanston, IL                        United States                     CCESLA

Brian Victoria                     Yellow Springs                   United States     

Reva V  Vlas                                                                    United States     

Vacy Vlazna                        Sydney                               Australia                              Justic for Palestine Matters

Gabriel Voiles                    Bronx                                  United States     

Sre?ko  Vojvodi?              Toronto                              Canada

Sister Deanna Rose Redwood City United States Society of the Sacred Heart

von Bargen  

Hugo Vreven                     3500  Hasselt                    Belgium               

Simon   Vrouwe                Purmerend                        Netherlands      

Ketty Wadia                        Austin                                United States                     YMAX ORATION LANDLINE 


Amal Wahdan Al Bireh    Palestinian Territory      Palestine                             One State Assembly

John  Walden                    Marshall                           United States     

James M Wallrabenstein Spokane Valley               United States     

John Walsh                         Alameda                            United States     

Barry Wanner                    Cambridge, MA               United States                     Veterans for Peace

Bella  Warda                       Berkeley                           United States     

Ben warda                           el sobrante                      United States     

Bernd    Warneck              Berlin                                 Germany            

Rev. Susan  Warren         Asheville                            United States                     Vatican Community Ministry

William H Warrick IIIMD Gainesville, Florida         United States           

Joseph  Wasserman        West Hartford                   United States     

Melanie Weberg              Osceola                               United States                     League of Humane Voters-


Marybeth Webster          Grants Pass                        United States                     Society of Friends (Quaker)

Barbara Webster             Montclair                           United States     

Betsie   Weil                      Chicago                               United States     

Jan Weinberg                    Princeton                           United States                     Show Up! America

Vivian    Weinstein           Denver                                United States     

Kay Weir                            Wellington                         New Zealand      

Joe Weis                            Reedley                               United States     

Peter Weish                      Wien                                    Austria                                  ABFANG

Lynne Weiske                   Los Angeles                        United States     

Barry Weisleder                                                             Canada                                 Canada Socialist Action / 

Ligue pour l’Action 


Bonnie  Weiss                   Emeryville                           United States     

Tom Wells                         Gainesville                          United States                     Tom Wells Campaign for 


Mats Werning                   Jönköping                           Sweden Ingen.

Berit Westby                     Drammen                            Norway 

Maureen  Wheeler          Silver Spring                       United States

Tom Wheys                       Pioneer                                United States     

Edwina White                   Sacramento                        United States     

Janet     Whitesides         Chapel Hill                           United States     

Owen    Whitman             Tampa                                  United States     

Phil Wilayto                       Richmond, Va.                   United States                     Virginia Defenders for

Freedom, Justice & Equality 

Barbara Willetts                Surrey                                Canada                                 MAWO

Glen Williams                     Henderson                        United States     

Billy Williams                      Jay                                      United States     

S. Brian Willson                 Granada                             Nicaragua           

Carolus Wimmer              Caracas                               Venezuela                          Committee for International 

Solidarity and Peace COSI-


Dallas    Windham            Irving                                   United States     

Doug     Wingeier             Asheville                             United States                     United Methodist

Misty     Winston              Lancaster                            United States                     Action 4 Assange 

Steve   Wise                    Atlanta                                 United States     

Robert  Witanek               Belle Mead                         United States                     #NJAntiWarAgenda

Nancy   Withington         Santa Barbara                    United States     

SUSAN  WITKA                 San Francisco                     United States     

Kristina Wolff                   Hanover                               United States                     Veterans For Peace

jarret     wolfman             new york                             United States     

sarah     wood                   houstonia                            United States                     NFOJA

Simon   Wood                   Brisbane                              Australia             

Barry     Wood                   Altrincham                          United Kingdom              

Nancy   Woolley               Stoughton                           United States     

Nero      Woolstrum         Kanab                                   United States     

John      Wozniak               Mendocino Ca                   United States     

Ann Wright                        Honolulu                              United States                     Veterans for Peace and 

CODEPINK: Women for 


Elizabeth Wright               San Francisco, CA             United States     

Carol      Wyndham           Peterborough                  United States     

Emily Wynne                     Bellingham                         United States     

peter & peggy yackel      Plymouth                            United States     

Daniel   Yakoubian           San Diego                            United States     

Sahand Yazdanyar           Washington, D.C.             United States     

Hadi Yaziji                          Miami                                  United States     

Binnie Yeates Bromley   Greater London                 United Kingdom              

Yuichi Yoshimoto             Tokyo                                   Japan   

Geoff Young                      Lexington                            United States                     Candidate for US House of


Ali Yousefi                          Toronto                               Canada

Douha   Youssef                Tampa                                 United States     

Lawrence Z  Fürth                                                          Germany                             Solidarity International

Guy  Zähller                        Aptos                                 United States     

Faramak Zahraie               Seattle                                United States     

Roberto Zanconi               Milan                                   Italy      

Leila Zand                            Bethesda                            United States     

Gabriel Zatorski                Santa Fe                              United States

Wiktora  Zatorski              Romeoville                         United States     

Victor    Zatorski                Santa Fe                              United States

Lisa Zazzarino                    Neuwied                              Germany            

Walt Zlotow                       Glen Ellyn                            United States                     West Suburban Peace 


Edik Zwarenstein             Toronto                               Canada