The Hell that is Haiti Webinar

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Join us for a special Socialist Action webinar on the latest developments in Haiti. Featuring prominent activists in the Haitian community. Thursday, September 23 at 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT / 8:30 pm ET. Bring a friend!

Click here to join the webinar. 

Haiti is being torn by a presidential assassination, a deadly earthquake, a COVID crisis, a racist U.S. immigration policy, and a corrupt ruling class backed by U.S. imperialism. Join us as we probe deeper into the Haiti crisis than the corporate media willallow and discuss possible solutions. Your questions are welcome.


  • Berthony Duponteditor of Haiti Liberte newspaper
  • Ray Laforestprominent Haitian activist living in NYC, member of the Haiti Support Network
  • Marty GoodmanSocialist Action National Committee member, Haiti solidarity activitst for over 40 years

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