March 1-7 Events in the Bay Area: NO TO US/NATO WAR IN UKRAINE! 



No to NATO and NATO expansion!
(a central cause of the current crisis)

No war with Russia! No sanctions!

Fund  human needs, education, healthcare, housing and the environment,  not war!

Stop the wars against working people, the poor and oppressed in the US. and abroad!

All Out for the March 1-7 National/International Days of Action

In the SF/Oakland Bay Area join us!

• Tuesday/Wednesday, March 1-2, Teach-ins at UC Santa Cruz , UC Berkeley…

• Thursday, March 3, 7-10 am, Bannering at I-80 Pedestrian Overpass, Berkeley  (Parking at Seabreeze Market or Aquatic Park)

• Friday, March 4, 4-6 pm Rally and mass flyering, Downtown Berkeley BART, Shattuck and Center

• Saturday, March 5: Solidarity with Oakland teachers fighting school closures, March & Rally 10 am – 2pm, Gather at Roots, 1390, Oakland

• Sunday, March 6, Protest at SF home of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, contact for details:

• Sunday, March 6, 4:30 pm Antiwar Webinar

On Wed., February 23, 903 antiwar activists across the country met via a united webinar to hear remarks from leaders of 13 of the nation’s antiwar organizations and then to participate in a broad ranging discussion about how to respond to the latest US war moves in Ukraine. A united international week of protest, March 1-7, was the unanimous result. Opening remarks were heard from: Joe Lombardo, Coordinator, UNAC; Ajamu Baraka. Black Alliance for Peace; Leela Anand, ANSWER coalition; Medea Benjamin, CodePink; Sara Flounders, International Action Center; Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance; Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space; Joe Jamison, US Peace Council; Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report; Jeff Mackler, United National Antiwar Coalition West; Nancy Price, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (US); Susan Schnall, Veterans For Peace; and David Swanson, World Beyond War. 

[Background: The US aggressively expanded NATO membership to the borders of Russia and armed 30 NATO countries with military equipment while organizing for years war maneuvers on borders and coastlines of Russia. The US has imposed over 100 sanctions on Russia before this month. The US backed the 2014 fascist-led coup that overthrow the elected government of Ukraine. This rump coup government banned the Russian language and established fascist militias that marched on Eastern Ukraine, attacking Russian-speaking regions. Violating some 100 cease fire agreements, they have armed the Ukrainian military to relentlessly shell the two small self-proclaimed republics.]

In solidarity and unity,

Jeff Mackler, United National Antiwar Coalition

Judy Greenspan, International Action Center

Cynthia Papermaster, CodePink

Rick Sterling, Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center

Jeremy Miller, Black Alliance for Peace

David Paul, Task Force on the Americas

David Welsh, delegate, SF and Alameda Labor Councils

Tom Lacey, Peace and Freedom Party

Alan Benjamin, Socialist Organizer

Rhonda Ramiro, BAYAN USA 

Eugene Ruyle, Veterans  for Peace, Easy Bay Chapter

Paul Cox, Veterans for Peace, San Francisco Chapter 

Nancy Price, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, US

Pierre LaBoissiere, Haiti Action Committee

Phoebe Anne Sorgen, Social Justice Committee, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

United National Antiwar Coalition, International Action Center, ANSWER Coalition, Workers World Party, Socialist Action, Peace and Freedom Party, CodePink, Socialist Organizer

SPONSOR: No to US/NATO War in Ukraine Emergency Coalition

To co-sponsor contact: 
Jeff Mackler
Cynthia Papermaster

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The U.S. government and its corporate media have created an Orwellian world of lies and half truths regarding the origins of the present war in Ukraine. Obliterated from the record has been the central role of the U.S. in its orchestrated 2014 coup that imposed a fascist-led U.S.-dominated government aimed at seizing control of Ukraine’s resources to advance the wealth and power of the U.S. corporate elite.

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