The Struggle for Haiti’s Freedom Past and Present: Video of  Socialist Action webinar

Demonstrators march during a wage protest in which a local journalist was killed, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti February 23, 2022. REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol

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No to U.S. Imperialist Intervention!

No to Biden’s Mass Deportation!

Today’s Haiti was born of the world’s first successful slave revolution of 1804, feared and despised by the racist U.S. ruling class. Subject to repeated U.S. military occupations, today’s Haiti still suffers from a U.S. backed Haitian kleptocracy and a Biden-backed de facto dictatorship. Gang violence is rampant, often linked to politicians; unemployment is as high as 70%; and there is no meaningful COVID healthcare throughout the country. Its economy serves a brutal sweatshop textile industry that supplies U.S. corporations. And despite Biden’s pledge to “humanize” immigration policy, it remains racist. Biden has deported 263,000 Haitians – more than Trump and Obama  – in violation of U.S. and international refugee law.

Hear: Ruben Joanem, Haiti Justice Committee of Minnesota; Born in Haiti;  lifelong Haiti solidarity activist/relief worker; Expert in post colonial studies with emphasis on former French colonies

Dahoud Andre, New York Haitian community activist; moderator of the radio programs, “Haiti: Our Revolution Continues,” and “Eritye Papa Desalin.”

Marty Goodman, lifelong Haiti solidarity activist; author, “The Hell That Is Haiti;” National Committee, Socialist Action

Moderator: Jeff Mackler, Administrative Committee, United National Antiwar Coalition


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