Canada: Universities just for the rich?

by Tyler MacKinnonThe first-year university student is typically bright and energetic, ready to embrace a whole new world of ideas that allegedly can be grasped only by the cream of the intellectual crop. The student worked for months, pulling up high school grades, working on countless essays and tests, still recovering from a lack of … Continue reading Canada: Universities just for the rich?

YSA Free Speech Fight in Connecticut

There is an important free speech fight going on at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. The short version of the story can be found in the petition below and the fact sheet that follows the petition. For more information and many key documents, you can visit If you would like to … Continue reading YSA Free Speech Fight in Connecticut

Why Mass Action?

The broad outlines of Socialist Action's views on the centrality of mass mobilizations in building an irresistible antiwar movement have been published in previous issues of this newspaper (see Jeff Mackler's article in our November 2007 issue). But some additional elaboration can be helpful at a time when activists are today discussing concrete measures to … Continue reading Why Mass Action?

Northland College Students Fight Campus Worker Layoffs

by Adam Ritscher / December 2006 issue of Socialist Action Newspaper ASHLAND, Wis.—Last year, the Northland College administration attempted to replace the college’s night watchmen with a private, contracted security firm. Student outcry was so strong and immediate that the administration backed down. The victory, though, proved to be short lived. Beginning this summer, the … Continue reading Northland College Students Fight Campus Worker Layoffs

Sonoma High Schoolers Hold Anti-War Walk Out

by Mark Ostapiak– February, 2005   SANTA ROSA, Calif.—History shows that youth often provide the spark for social and political awakening. They have been in the forefront of this country’s greatest past struggles for civil rights, women’s rights, independent Black and Chicano political parties, and an end to global capitalism.   Many of today’s youth … Continue reading Sonoma High Schoolers Hold Anti-War Walk Out

Revolutions Brought Gains in Education and Health Care

By PAUL SIEGEL Following is the third chapter of a new pamphlet by Paul Siegel on the theory and practice of socialism. It is available from Socialist Action Books for $3. It is noteworthy that the Soviet Union, China, and Vietnam all made great strides forward after their revolutions in the vital fields of health … Continue reading Revolutions Brought Gains in Education and Health Care

Youth in Action

Students Attend Regional Antiwar Conferences By DAVID BERNT CHICAGO-On Nov. 10 and 11, student antiwar activists gathered in the Midwest and the West and East Coasts to participate in three regional student antiwar conferences. The three conferences-in Chicago, Berkeley, and Boston-were attended by a combined total of over 1000 activists. Each conference included educational workshops … Continue reading Youth in Action

Student Anti-Sweatshop Conference

CHICAGO-Hundreds of students from across the country gathered here on Aug. 2-5 for the second annual national conference of the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). The conference discussed ways of continuing student involvement in the fight for workers' justice, both here and abroad. The conference began with a mobilization in support of local workers. Students … Continue reading Student Anti-Sweatshop Conference

No on School Vouchers!

By CAROLE SELIGMAN   SAN FRANCISCO-California public schools, having sunk to the bottom in national indicators of school quality (such as student-teacher ratio, per-pupil funding, etc.), now face another attack in a war to dismantle public education entirely. The attack is called Proposition 38. Because California's initiative process has been usurped by ultra-right-wing capitalists, the … Continue reading No on School Vouchers!

US Cool to Fidel’s Teaching Offer

The Clinton administration evidently does not wish to have publicized Castro's offer to have Cuba teach medicine to college graduates from underserved U.S. minority communities. Juan Gonzalez, the New York Daily News reporter and co-host with Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now" program, reports how the State Department refused a visa to Ricardo Alarcon, … Continue reading US Cool to Fidel’s Teaching Offer

Mis-Education of African American Youth

Commentary By Kwame M.A. Soburu The May 18 San Francisco Chronicle had an article titled "A Soldier's Life." It was about eighth-graders from a low-income area of California on a field trip to San Francisco's Presidio-a former military base-to learn about the "Buffalo Soldiers, the Black troops who protected settlers as they traveled West." The … Continue reading Mis-Education of African American Youth

Teachers Rally in Sacramento for Better Funding for California Schools

By CAROLE SELIGMAN SAN FRANCISCO-Monday, May 8 was a great day to be a teacher in California! That was the day of a huge demonstration-over 8000 teachers-in the state capital, Sacramento. I and a fellow teacher at the South San Francisco elementary school where I teach third grade drove to Sacramento in two hours. There … Continue reading Teachers Rally in Sacramento for Better Funding for California Schools