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Summary of Campaign Platform

  1. Abolish the U.S. war machine now!
  2. Immediate conversion to 100% renewable power: sun, wind, geothermal and micro-hydro! Keep all fossil fuels in the ground!
  3. Jobs for all at top union wages!
  4. Quality health care, education and housing for all as basic rights!
  5. End the racist, slave labor for profit prison-industrial complex!
  6. Immediate amnesty, legalization and equal rights for all immigrants. End the racist, Islamophobic “War on Terror!”
  7. Abolish all racist, sexist and homophobic discriminatory laws and practices!
  8. Defend civil liberties! Abolish the “national security” state!
  9. For a democratically-planned socialist economy where the banks, basic industries and all natural resources are the collective property of working people – the 99 percent – and democratically operated for human betterment not the individual profits of the one percent
  10. For working class political action independent of and against the twin parties of capitalism

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About the Candidates


Jeff Mackler has spent a lifetime fighting for the working class and social justice. He is a veteran opponent of U.S. imperialist wars and interventions, and a leading environmental and social justice activist. From the Vietnam era until today, he has organized and chaired many huge rallies against U.S. wars. He is a founder of the Northern California Climate Mobilization, and has played a major role in organizing Bay Area climate change protests.

A former teachers union leader, Mackler was the organizer and longtime elected officer of the AFT and CTA locals in Hayward, Calif. He is the director of the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, and the author and editor of close to 25 books and pamphlets on labor and social history, politics, civil liberties, and economics. Mackler was Socialist Action’s candidate in California for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Vice President

Karen Schraufnagel is a member of Socialist Action’s National Committee and organizer of its Twin Cities branch. She is a founder of Minnesotans Against Islamophobia, and is active in the anti-Zionist Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement and the animal rights, antiwar, and environmental movements.

News About the Campaign

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