MLK Day of Resistance

MLK-Day of Action, Resistance, and Empowerment (MLK-D.A.R.E.) is organizing a march in Philadelphia on Jan. 19. The broad-based coalition hopes to “reclaim” Martin Luther King Day with a focus on political action. The demands of the march are: a $15 minimum wage and the right to a union; an end to the police department’s “stop and … Continue reading MLK Day of Resistance

Militarized police aimed at Black America

By MARTY GOODMAN The military weapons we saw on display in Ferguson, Mo., are part of the militarization of police forces across the U.S. Its roots began with the SWAT teams under Democrat Lyndon Johnson, whose war of extermination against the Black Panther Party was continued under Republican Richard Nixon. As Michelle Alexander explains in … Continue reading Militarized police aimed at Black America

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Making torture legal

By MUMIA ABU-JAMAL In the week of the Senate Intelligence Select Committee’s report on CIA torture of terror suspects, we’re reminded how little Americans know about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency rolls in the real world. Predictably, the 500-page summary of a 6700-page report erupted into a political and media firestorm. Networks and cable … Continue reading Mumia Abu-Jamal: Making torture legal

Outrage at racist grand jury decisions

By MARTY GOODMAN — NEW YORK, Dec. 4 — The horror of Ferguson was repeated on Dec. 3 when a 23-person grand jury in Staten Island, N.Y., failed to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old Black man. The cause of death was ruled a homicide by chokehold by the … Continue reading Outrage at racist grand jury decisions

Mumia speaks on Ferguson

By MUMIA ABU-JAMAL  Like a fever, the news broke. But unlike a fever, it brought no relief. For the news, from the perspective of the national Black community, wasn’t good. The 12-member grand jury in Ferguson, investigating the killing of a Black teenager, Mike Brown, returned with “no true bill,” legalese for no charges, no … Continue reading Mumia speaks on Ferguson

Lessons of Ferguson

By CLAY WADENA As of press time for Socialist Action newspaper, the grand jury investigating Michael Brown’s death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson has still not issued its decision. The grand jury is made up of six white men, three white women, two African-American women, and one African-American man. Nine out of the … Continue reading Lessons of Ferguson

Anti-Mumia gag law protested

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER Since Mumia Abu-Jamal was railroaded to death row on false charges of killing a Philadelphia police officer 33 years ago, he has won acclaim for his eight books and thousands of articles and radio commentaries. Known as the “voice of the voiceless,” Mumia has become one of the foremost progressive political essayists … Continue reading Anti-Mumia gag law protested

Mumia speaks on new prisoner gag law

Political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal gave the commencement speech Oct. 5 at Goddard College, where he earned his degree, at the invitation of the graduating students. Mumia prerecorded the speech from his prison cell. The ceremony was moved forward three hours to avoid threatened disruption resulting from  from police efforts to silence Mumia. Immediately following Mumia’s … Continue reading Mumia speaks on new prisoner gag law

Michael Brown lives on in the movement!

By CLAY WADENA The United States is moving closer and closer to a period of reckoning in regard to centuries of racist exploitation, oppression, and murder. The young Michael Brown, whose life was taken on Aug. 9 by Ferguson police, haunts the dreams of those who wish to beautify, hide, and deny the brutal treatment … Continue reading Michael Brown lives on in the movement!

All out for Michael Brown!

By CLAY WADENA “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” — Michael Brown, Rest In Power, killed by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer on Aug. 9. Unarmed, Michael had already been shot in the back once when—according to witnesses—he turned around, raised his arms in the air to surrender, and pleaded for his life. Brown, … Continue reading All out for Michael Brown!

‘It stops today!’ — Eric Garner, NYPD victim

By CLAY WADENA “Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today! I’m minding my business, please just leave me alone.” — Eric Garner, Rest In Power, killed by NYPD July 17, 2014. Eric Garner’s last words ring with righteous anger, disgust, desperation, and fatigue. Garner … Continue reading ‘It stops today!’ — Eric Garner, NYPD victim

Behind U.S.-China cyberwar debate

BY JEFF MACKLER  We live in a society of law and order for sure! Indeed, the U.S. likely has more laws than any nation on earth. Many, if not most, are derived from the U.S. Constitution and its associated Bill of Rights, both of which have been subjected to endless revisions or re-interpretations over the … Continue reading Behind U.S.-China cyberwar debate

Boston activists demand jobs, not jails

By MARILYN LAVIN — BOSTON — Long overdue, the unfinished civil rights movement of the last century is being reborn. Unlike the earlier focus on voting and southern segregation, the nascent movement is taking to the streets to protest the “new” Jim Crow of mass incarceration and police misconduct expressed in the “Stop and Frisk” laws … Continue reading Boston activists demand jobs, not jails

Happy birthday, Mumia Abu-Jamal!

By BEN FORTEN April 24 marks Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 60th birthday. Mumia’s supporters, who are engaged in new efforts to re-open his case and win his freedom, will celebrate his birthday with events on April 24 and April 26 in Philadelphia, and on May 4 in Oakland, Calif. “Although it is Mumia’s birthday, we’re celebrating the … Continue reading Happy birthday, Mumia Abu-Jamal!

‘One Nation Under Surveillance’

By ERNIE GOTTA  “I ask you, how many times does Barack Obama have to lie to you before you get it?” journalist and author Chris Hedges asked the crowd of over 200 gathered in Torpe Theater at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) on March 29. Hedges was the keynote speaker at the 2nd annual civil … Continue reading ‘One Nation Under Surveillance’

Partial victory for victimized antiwar activists

By CHRISTINE MARIE  On Feb. 26, the U.S. District Attorney in Chicago was forced to unseal the applications and affidavits submitted in advance of raids involving over 70 FBI agents on the homes of nearly two-dozen antiwar and Palestine solidarity activists in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Grand Rapids, Mich. The documents reveal that the government carried … Continue reading Partial victory for victimized antiwar activists

Victory! Lynne Stewart is free!

By JEFF MACKLER Jeff Mackler is the West Coast coordinator of the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee. Lynne Stewart is free! With almost 100 family and supporters chanting, “We love you, Lynne,” she rose from a wheelchair and bravely walked forward for a half-hour rally at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. She landed at 1:10 p.m. on … Continue reading Victory! Lynne Stewart is free!

Protesters demand justice for Andy Lopez

By NICHOLAS BRANNON  — SANTA ROSA, Calif. — On a Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m., 13-year-old Andy Lopez was walking down the street from his home to a friend’s house, carrying a BB gun that his friend had left at his house, when two Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies saw him while driving around on patrol. … Continue reading Protesters demand justice for Andy Lopez

Film: Fruitvale Station

By GAETANA CALDWELL-SMITH “Fruitvale Station.” Directed by Ryan Coogler; starring Michael B. Jordan, Olivia Spencer, and Melonie Diaz “Fruitvale Station” is filmmaker and director Ryan Coogler’s first work and is as polished as any seasoned Hollywood filmmaker’s. He opens his film with the authentic, jumpy, low resolution of the cell-phone videos taken by passengers of … Continue reading Film: Fruitvale Station

Trayvon Martin verdict stirs mass outrage

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER The acquittal of the vigilante killer, George Zimmerman, gave notice to the world that racism is alive and well in the United States. For many days after the verdict was handed down, protesters repeatedly took to the streets of cities and towns throughout the U.S. and internationally. The initial marches and rallies … Continue reading Trayvon Martin verdict stirs mass outrage

U.S. court frames Somalis for ‘terrorism’

By STEFANIE LEVI On May 16, a group of about 200 Somali people—mostly women—and their supporters from other communities assembled at the federal building in downtown Minneapolis. The people came to support Hawa Mohamed Hassan, 64, and Amina Farah Ali, 35, both residents of Rochester, Minn., at their sentencing hearing. The courtrooms were filled to … Continue reading U.S. court frames Somalis for ‘terrorism’

Obama demands detention without trial

By DANIEL ADAM Four years ago, Barack Obama ran for president on the promise of closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within one year of taking office. Today, the prison remains open—the pledge all but forgotten. Instead of dismantling Guantanamo and with it the government’s power to detain without a trial, Obama wants … Continue reading Obama demands detention without trial

NY protest against ‘stop & frisk’

<!--[if !mso]><![endif]--> On Father’s Day, June 17, several thousand marched behind a banner demanding that the New York City police “End Stop and Frisk” and “End Racial Profiling.” Said NAACP President Ben Jealous, a central march organizer: “Stop and frisk is the most massive local racial profiling program in the country.” The ethnically diverse rally … Continue reading NY protest against ‘stop & frisk’