Cuba Holds Impressive May Day Demonstrations on their Own Terms

By Alejandra Garcia and Bill Hackwell on May 5, 2023 from Havana It was pitch dark at 4:30 as we started out to find that already thousands were taking over the streets chanting, Viva Fidel!, Viva Raul! and Viva Diaz Canel! Moving with purpose past the Plaza of the Revolution turning onto La Rampa and … Continue reading Cuba Holds Impressive May Day Demonstrations on their Own Terms

U.S. Systemic Racism: From Slavery to George Floyd and Tyre Nichols

By Malik Miah [Editor’s note: The article below is an updated and expanded version of a previous article by the author.}  Tyre Nichols, 29, was murdered by police in yet another modern-day lynching in Memphis, Tennessee on January 7. The city is nearly 70 percent African American, including a Black female police chief.  What was … Continue reading U.S. Systemic Racism: From Slavery to George Floyd and Tyre Nichols

Rage Against the War Machine: A Reactionary “Right-Left Antiwar” Alliance 

By JEFF MACKLER In these momentarily difficult times, tragically a small layer of antiwar personalities and a few well-meaning organizations have been drawn into the reactionary “right-left coalition” that is planning a February 19 “Rage Against the War Machine” Washington. D.C. demonstration. In the unlikely event that this effort meets with even a modicum of success, it will represent a serious defeat for antiwar, anti-racist, anti-sexist, LGBTQI and social justice activists as well as all groups that have been fighting against the inherent horrors of the capitalist system for a lifetime. 

Kevin McCarthy’s 15-Round Victory: Capitalism’s Puppet Politicians Perform in Public

By JEFF MACKLER After 15 raucous votes spanning almost two weeks, Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, R-California, was elected House Speaker on January 7. The vote was 216-212, a party-line vote with six Republicans voting present. From the beginning, former President Donald Trump pressured his 20 super-supporters, mostly in the Republicans’ “rightwing” Freedom Caucus, to back McCarthy. They refused until several behind-the-scenes deals, and a new “rules package” governing House operations, were negotiated.

Hoisted on His Own Petard: Biden’s Hidden Classified Documents Set to Expose U.S. Instigation of 2014 Ukraine Coup  

By JEFF MACKLER The political score sheet between Republicans and Democrats now appears even, with both investigating and exposing each other’s illegal confiscation of classified documents, implicitly in both cases, to cover up heinous deeds, the least of which involves exposing the truth about the U.S. role in orchestrating the bi-partisan war in Ukraine. No doubt, the lead up to the 2024 elections will see capitalism’s twin parties once again exposing each other’s duplicities to garner votes in the nation’s periodic contests between the billionaire elite. But on critical questions like the “right” and obligation of U.S. imperialism to impose its will on the world’s people, there is no dispute.

“Publishing Is Not a Crime”: The New York Times Joins the Fight to Free Assange

By MARJORIE COHN In a stunning development earlier this week, The New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, DER SPIEGEL and El País signed a joint open letter calling on the U.S. government to dismiss the Espionage Act charges against Julian Assange for publishing classified military and diplomatic secrets.

Mumia’s Appeal Dismissed; The “Mumia Rule” Still in Force in the Bosses’ Courts

BY NOELLE HANRAHAN, PRISONRADIO.ORG Abu-Jamal’s defense petition included newly discovered evidence that had been buried in the prosecutor’s own files showing key witnesses receiving promises of money for their testimony and evidence of favorable treatment in pending criminal cases, as well as prosecutors striking Black jurors during Mumia’s original trial.

Obliterating Russia’s Nord Stream Pipelines and Crimea Bridge:  U.S. Imperialism’s Trillion-Dollar Fossil Fuel Gambit

By JEFF MACKLER The US sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines as part of a plan to substitute US Liquified Natural Gas for cheaper Russian fossil fuels, eliminate Russia as the chief fossil fuel supplier to Germany and much of Europe, and prolong the highly profitable U.S.-instigated and financed war in Ukraine.

Say No to U.S. Wars! Sat., Oct. 15 @12pm in Oakland

Join us this coming Saturday, 12 Noon at Oakland’s Federal Building, 1310 Clay Street, as part of the October 15-23 International Days of Action against US wars and interventions worldwide, initiated by the United National Antiwar Coalition. Protests are planned in 70 cities across the country and around the world. Click here to find events … Continue reading Say No to U.S. Wars! Sat., Oct. 15 @12pm in Oakland

World-Wide Backing as Parliament Encircled for Assange

By Mohamed Elmaazi We reprint below an October 9, 2022 Consortium News article by Mohamed Elmaazi, who has covered all of Julian Assange’s London extradition hearings. —JM, editor Thousands of supporters of Julian Assange descended upon London’s Palace of Westminster to form a human chain around the Houses of Parliament in support of the embattled WikiLeaks publisher on … Continue reading World-Wide Backing as Parliament Encircled for Assange

VIDEO of Sept Rally Free Assange! Free Mumia! Free Palestine! 

SPONSORED By THE MOBILIZATION TO FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL & THE INTERNATIONAL CONCERNED FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL. CO-SPONSORS: Courage Foundation/Assange & Middle East Children's Alliance, Arab Resource Organizing Center. HEAR Alice Walker, prize-winning novelist; Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers; Jamal Jr, Mumia's grandson; Chris Hedges, prize-winning journalist


FREE ASSANGE! FREE MUMIA! FREE PALESTINE! An evening of unity and solidarity on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7pm In Berkeley, California.

The International Food Crisis and Proposals To Overcome It

By ERIC TOUSSAINT and OMAR AZIKI [Editor’s note: We reprint this article by the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM). In 1989, the Bastille Appeal was launched, inviting popular movements throughout the world to unite in demanding the immediate and unconditional cancellation of the debt of the so-called developing countries. This crushing debt, along with neo-liberal macro-economic reforms imposed on the global South, has led to an explosion of worldwide inequality, mass poverty, flagrant injustice and the destruction of the environment.