A Tale of Two Summits

By RICK STERLING Last week (June 8-10) there were two summits in Los Angeles, California: the Summit of the Americas hosted by the US State Department and the Peoples Summit hosted by US and international activist organizations. The two summits were held in the same city at the same time but could not be otherwise more different.

How Latin American Women Are Winning the Battle for Abortion Rights

By DIANA CARBONI Today, 37 percent of Latin America and the Caribbean’s population of 652 million live in countries where women have won rights to legal abortion or are no longer imprisoned for terminating a pregnancy (including Cuba, Guyana, and Puerto Rico). Five years ago, it was less than 3 percent. None of this would have been possible without feminist activism, networks and demonstrations, and public conversations about the autonomy of women.

The Hell That is Haiti! 

By Marty Goodman Haiti is being hit by an unending series of natural and human-made disasters – seemingly all at once.  The assassination on July 7 of its president Jouvenel Moise; an Aug. 14 earthquake; tropical storms; rampaging gang violence and a COVID crisis in a society tortured by extreme poverty and inequality.  In the … Continue reading The Hell That is Haiti! 

The Hell that is Haiti Webinar

Join us for a special Socialist Action webinar on the latest developments in Haiti. Featuring prominent activists in the Haitian community. Thursday, September 23 at 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT / 8:30 pm ET. Bring a friend! Click here to join the webinar.  Haiti is being torn by a presidential assassination, a deadly earthquake, … Continue reading The Hell that is Haiti Webinar

Let the Cuban People Live! End the Blockade and Sanctions!

By Barry Sheppard President Biden has not only kept all of Trump’s sanctions designed to severely harm the Cuban people, he has added two more. His response to the July 11 protests in Cuba was to call for the overthrow of the socialist Cuban Revolution. The July 11 protests of the Cuban government were wildly … Continue reading Let the Cuban People Live! End the Blockade and Sanctions!

Biden Continues Trump’s Policies on Refugees

By Barry Sheppard July 6, 2021 Despite promises made during his election campaign, Biden in office is continuing Trump’s policies on refugees fleeing the horrific conditions in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, conditions flowing from U.S. imperialist policies. An article in the June 26 New York Times reported, “Human rights and immigration advocates have assailed the Biden … Continue reading Biden Continues Trump’s Policies on Refugees

Racial Capitalism and the Betrayal of Haiti

The richest Haitians By Yves Engler Domination by multinational corporations and “light skinned” local capitalists — that’s the story of Haiti as illustrated by one recent event. The day after his already paper-thin constitutional legitimacy completely eroded Jovenel Moïse gave significant amounts of Haitian land to a light-skinned oligarch working with Coca-Cola. According to most Haitian constitutional … Continue reading Racial Capitalism and the Betrayal of Haiti

U.S. Imperialist Boot on Haiti

By Marty Goodman On Feb. 28, thousands of Haitians marched through the capital, Port-au-Prince, and other cities across the country to demand that the de facto President Jovenal Moïse and his corrupt crony capitalist blood-stained oligarchy step down.  A relentless, arrogant U.S. imperialism is putting its money – once again – on this Haitian dictator … Continue reading U.S. Imperialist Boot on Haiti

Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccines Serve the People, Not Profits

BY W. T. WHITNEY JR. February 28, 2021 Cuba’s socialist approach to developing vaccines against COVID-19 differs strikingly from that of capitalist nations of the world. Cuba’s production of four vaccines is grounded in science and dedicated to saving the lives of all Cubans, and to international solidarity. The New York Times’s running report on the world’s … Continue reading Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccines Serve the People, Not Profits