The Supreme Court and the Women’s Movement

By ANN MONTAGUE The naming of a new Supreme Court justice has developed into a national discussion about the possible direction of court decisions in the future. However, there is no one questioning the very existence of a system of nine unelected justices with lifetime appointments making momentous decisions that affect people’s everyday lives.

The Trump impeachment charade

By NICK BAKER The House of Representatives’ almost-exclusively Democratic Party line vote of 232-197 to impeach President Donald Trump is certain to be rejected in early January by a similar Republican Party line vote in the U.S. Senate. Under the U.S. Constitution, the Senate acts as a trial body to determine the validity of House … Continue reading The Trump impeachment charade


By MARTY GOODMAN As the twin parties of the corporate elite battle it out on whether Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president constituted an impeachable  “high crime or misdemeanors,” the real crimes, committed daily against the people and nations of the world and inherent in the capitalist system, are nowhere to be seen. Millions … Continue reading IMPEACH THE SYSTEM!

Trump launches attacks against immigrants on many fronts

By LISA LUINENBURG As the 2020 presidential election draws ever closer, the Trump administration has continued to ramp up its attacks on undocumented immigrants and on refugees seeking asylum in the United States. The president has launched attacks on immigrants across multiple fronts, and when he is blocked by Congress or the courts, he issues … Continue reading Trump launches attacks against immigrants on many fronts

Failure of Mueller probe exposes Democrats

  By STAN OREGANO For the past three years, the center of Democratic Party opposition to the Trump presidency has been on the basis of loud and repeated claims that Trump is a bought-and-paid-for agent of the Kremlin. Dreams of recouping the party’s fortunes by explaining away the debacle of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat stirred … Continue reading Failure of Mueller probe exposes Democrats

Trump declares fake ‘National Emergency’ to build his border wall

By LISA LUINENBURG On Feb. 15, President Trump declared a National State of Emergency in order to appropriate billions of dollars to build his much-touted wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Even though Congress had granted him $1.375 billion for the border wall in the latest federal budget bill, this wasn’t enough for Trump. He wanted … Continue reading Trump declares fake ‘National Emergency’ to build his border wall