VIDEO of Sept Rally Free Assange! Free Mumia! Free Palestine! 

SPONSORED By THE MOBILIZATION TO FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL & THE INTERNATIONAL CONCERNED FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL. CO-SPONSORS: Courage Foundation/Assange & Middle East Children's Alliance, Arab Resource Organizing Center. HEAR Alice Walker, prize-winning novelist; Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers; Jamal Jr, Mumia's grandson; Chris Hedges, prize-winning journalist


FREE ASSANGE! FREE MUMIA! FREE PALESTINE! An evening of unity and solidarity on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7pm In Berkeley, California.


By JOE LAURIA Guests Who Visited WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange In The Ecuador Embassy Have Sued The C.I.A., Former C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo And Spanish Security Firm UC Global For Allegedly Violating Their 4th Amendment Rights.

One year ago,  Afghanistan: The Defeat of U.S. Imperialism and the Road Ahead

By JEFF MACKLER, National Secretary of Socialist Action A re-print from August 2021, when US military fled Afghanistan in defeat. After 20 years of untold U.S. government-inflicted barbaric horrors on the people of Afghanistan the world’s greatest military power, along with its NATO allies, stands humiliated, demoralized and defeated, forced to abandon their claimed nation-building project in the face of irreversible Taliban victories over the past year and longer.

No, Justice Alito, Reproductive Justice Is in the Constitution

By MICHELE GOODWIN Justice Samuel Alito’s claim, that there is no enumeration and original meaning in the Constitution related to involuntary sexual subordination and reproduction, misreads and misunderstands American slavery, the social conditions of that enterprise and legal history.

Debate in the Fourth International Part II: There Is No Equal Sign Between U.S. Imperialism and Chinese and Russian Imperialism: An Alternative to the FI majority text entitled “The World Geostrategic Situation”  

By JEFF MACKLER, National Committee/Socialist Action USA This text was adopted by Socialist Action’s National Committee for presentation to the annual February 2022 meeting of the delegates to the Fourth International’s elected international leadership. Representatives of some 56 parties across the globe were present at this five-day zoom gathering. Socialist Action participates only in a fraternal capacity due to reactionary U.S. legislation that bars membership in international socialist organizations.

Biden’s $trillion Taxing the Rich Social Infrastructure Charade Crumbles

By Jeff Mackler If we are to believe the almost daily front-page major media headlines, President Joseph Biden has embarked on an historic congressional battle to massively fund a broad range of needed social programs by taxing the rich as never before. Biden’s daily and ever-changing “social infrastructure” bill pronouncements aim at assuring a wary … Continue reading Biden’s $trillion Taxing the Rich Social Infrastructure Charade Crumbles

Capitalist Media, Biden’s Climate Deceptions; The Race to Save Earth

By James Fortin It just keeps getting worse. Never in the memory of any living person on Earth, has it been this bad. Climate change is occurring; it is getting worse, and time is running out to save the planet from catastrophe. Scientists urgently note the globe is rapidly approaching the catastrophic threshold of a … Continue reading Capitalist Media, Biden’s Climate Deceptions; The Race to Save Earth

Cops at the Capitol — Racist Mob in Our Ranks!

(The following statement is the outcome of a collective discussion among leader/activists in SEIU Drop the Cops, an international, rank-and-file group of Service Employees International Union members. Formed in the wake of the massive George Floyd uprising and the murder of Rayshard Brooks in June 2020 by racist white members of SEIU/NAGE (National Association of … Continue reading Cops at the Capitol — Racist Mob in Our Ranks!

As Biden returns “civilization” to Washington…Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed

By Jeff  Mackler Capitalist “civilization” returned to the nation’s capitol on Jan. 20, Joseph Biden’s Inauguration Day. Replete with 25,000 troops forming an iron ring around the few thousand establishment dignitaries gathered to pay homage to the new president, with deep roots in America’s racist, warmongering past and present, the event aimed at reassuring the … Continue reading As Biden returns “civilization” to Washington…Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed

The Supreme Court and the Women’s Movement

By ANN MONTAGUE The naming of a new Supreme Court justice has developed into a national discussion about the possible direction of court decisions in the future. However, there is no one questioning the very existence of a system of nine unelected justices with lifetime appointments making momentous decisions that affect people’s everyday lives.