Who is behind the ‘Trotskyist conspiracy?’

By ILYA BUDRAITSKIS  Speaking at a meeting of his All-Russia People’s Front a couple days ago [in November 2014], Vladimir Putin said, “Trotsky had this [saying]: the movement is everything, the ultimate aim is nothing. We need an ultimate aim.” Eduard Bernstein’s proposition,* misquoted and attributed for some reason to Leon Trotsky, is probably the … Continue reading Who is behind the ‘Trotskyist conspiracy?’

U.S. & NATO: Hands off Ukraine!

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER — UPDATED, MARCH 5 — The danger of direct Western military intervention in Ukraine remains palpable following the rebels’ dramatic seizure of Debaltseve in mid-February. The Obama administration, which has already sent over $118 million in “non-lethal” equipment to Ukraine, is deliberating whether to contribute heavy weaponry, or even troops, to the … Continue reading U.S. & NATO: Hands off Ukraine!