Debate in the Fourth International Part III: Capitalism’s World Economic, Political and Social Crises and the Coming Fightback

By JEFF MACKLER, for Socialist Action/USA This is the third and final text presented by Socialist Action as a minority viewpoint to the February 19-23, 2022 meeting of the Fourth International (FI), an international socialist current of some 56 parties across the globe. Some 150 representatives of these parties gathered this year via Zoom due to the COVID 19 crisis to discuss and debate the Fourth International’s politics and program. The politics in the report below were adopted by the National Committee of Socialist Action/USA, a fraternal party of the FI barred by reactionary U.S. legislation from being a formal member of any international socialist organization. The text below was rejected by the February FI meeting by the vast majority of delegates. The central thesis of the majority text asserts that the building of revolutionary socialist parties on the Leninist model anywhere in the world today is not on the agenda. The text below, slighted updated to cover developments since the February FI meeting, challenges this view in all its fundamentals.

Toronto Anti-Convoy Protest Shows the Way Forward

By DANIEL TIRADE While the anti-mandate siege in Ottawa continued, Torontonians learned of a similar convoy set for the weekend of February 5, 2021. We anticipated thousands of people would converge in Toronto to spread a eugenicist message — that saving the lives of the most vulnerable from Covid-19 is not worth any concession of individual liberties. But frustrated and over-stressed healthcare workers decided to take a stand.

Covid and Capitalism: An Interview With Rob Wallace

A Socialist Action Webinar As the ruling class continues the push to open the economy and remove COVID protections, the Delta variant is spreading across the U.S. Hear an exclusive interview with Rob Wallace, epidemiologist and author of Big Farms Make Big Flu, on the current state of the pandemic and the capitalist response. Hosted by Mark Ostapiak, … Continue reading Covid and Capitalism: An Interview With Rob Wallace

Covid and Capitalism: Mass Vaccination or Mandate for Mass Death

On July 4th President Biden announced that “independence from a deadly virus” was on the horizon. Pointing to the possibilities of mass vaccinations, he proclaimed, “America is coming back together!” While vaccines have proven to be effective at preventing mass death by Covid-19, capitalist created divisions have been compounded by the pandemic and are now … Continue reading Covid and Capitalism: Mass Vaccination or Mandate for Mass Death

In Bessemer Shadow, Maine Nurses Organize

By James Fortin With the defeat of the unionizing effort at Amazon in Bessemer, Alabama, it is encouraging to witness the ongoing and undaunted efforts of nurses in Maine to join a union.  Voting is now underway for the 1900 nurses who work at Maine Medical Center (Maine Med), in Portland, Maine, to decide whether … Continue reading In Bessemer Shadow, Maine Nurses Organize

Big Pharma’s Greedy Palm, Outstretched Again

By James Fortin U.S. Big Pharma is doing a victory lap.  Never to miss an accolade or two from their friends at the Wall Street Journal, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is taking the bow under the recent article entitled, “Capitalism Is What Will Defeat Covid.”  Oh, really? In the piece CEO Alex Gorsky half-truthfully … Continue reading Big Pharma’s Greedy Palm, Outstretched Again

COVID-19 Is the Real Insurrection

By James Fortin January 10, 2021 Over the past days the major media has talked incessantly about the Trump-directed mob violence in the Capitol Building, labeling the event instigated by the sociopathic narcissist of a President a coup or insurrection. While thousands of Trump supporters attended his rally in Washington, it should be noted that … Continue reading COVID-19 Is the Real Insurrection

Combating Police Brutality and the COVID-19 Crisis: What Socialists Demand

By JAMES FORTIN Not since the Great Depression of the 1930’s has the American working class experienced with such gravity an assault to its standing as we are witnessing today. Do we continue under the irrational capitalist rule of the 1%, or do we demand meaningful solutions to the problems that have been thrust upon us, the 99%?