Nationalize the energy industry!

By BRUCE LESNICK On Nov. 18, the Obama administration banned oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans for the next five years, while allowing drilling projects to go forward in the Cook Inlet (southwest of Anchorage, Alaska) and in the Gulf of Mexico. The media have noted the strong possibility that when … Continue reading Nationalize the energy industry!

Class struggle in Ireland: 1916

By SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY — Socialist Democracy is the sympathizing organization of the Fourth International in Ireland. —  At first sight, the Tale of 1916 seems a simple one. On the one hand, there was a small band—an alliance of socialists and revolutionary democrats. On the other hand, were the British imperialists and their Unionist supporters. … Continue reading Class struggle in Ireland: 1916

What is fascism?

By JEFF MACKLER Despite the charged rhetoric of Trump and Co., the U.S. ruling class today has no need or desire to play the fascist card. Absent any significant working-class opposition to its policies and with a broad array of consciously constructed and/or controlled pro-Democratic Party “civil rights, immigrant rights and environmental NGO-type organizations” behind … Continue reading What is fascism?

Dreamers of the world, unite!

By MARK T. HARRIS Book review: “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA,” by Frances Golden, Debby Smith, Michael Smith. (HarperCollins, 2014.) To imagine a socialist United States is what many people might consider a utopian vision. In that particularly pragmatic strain of American thought, utopian has an almost pejorative association to it, too. As in, … Continue reading Dreamers of the world, unite!