Low-wage workers demand $15 and a union

  By WILLIAM WOOD — CHICAGO — Despite a torrential downpour and thunderstorms, more than 2000 low-wage workers and supporters marched up 22nd St. in Oak Brook, Ill., to the McDonald’s national headquarters on May 25 to demand a $15 minimum wage and union rights. The company’s annual shareholders’ meeting was held there the following … Continue reading Low-wage workers demand $15 and a union

Labor Briefing

By BILL ONASCH > Socialist Action members in Minneapolis write: “On Saturday, Oct. 10, over 400 enthusiastic participants joined a rally and march on U.S. bank in Northeast Minneapolis. U.S. Bank has actively lobbied against fair wages and treatment for workers and simultaneously financed dirty industries. The concurrent exploitation of workers and the earth is … Continue reading Labor Briefing

April 15: Huge protest by low-wage workers

By BILL ONASCH  “Largest Protest By Low Wage Workers In US History.” That was the Guardian headline above a perceptive story about the 4/15 4 15 actions by Steven Greenhouse and Jana Kasperkevic. They wrote, “Some 60,000 workers took part in the Fight for $15 demonstrations. ... The demonstrations were the latest in a series … Continue reading April 15: Huge protest by low-wage workers

Minn. $15 supporters hear Kshama Sawant

By DAVID JONES  MINNEAPOLIS—Two hundred and fifty enthusiastic supporters of a $15 an hour minimum wage in this city crowded into the Minneapolis Labor Center on Sunday, Feb. 15, to hear from organizers and supporters including socialist Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant. It was Sawant's upset election a little over a year ago that … Continue reading Minn. $15 supporters hear Kshama Sawant

Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

By ANN MONTAGUE — PORTLAND, Ore. — On Dec. 4, the 2nd anniversary of the first Fast Food strikes—when 200 workers walked out—strike actions increased in number to include over 190 cities in the United States alone. Moreover, workers at convenience stores  joined them. As we go to press on Dec. 4, reports indicate that home-care … Continue reading Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

Fast food strikers say: $15 and a union!

The web newsletter, “Anticapitalisme et Revolution,” which represents a current in the French New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), recently interviewed Socialist Action member Ann Montague in regard to the growing movement in the United States for a minimum wage of $15.. The interview appears below. The French-language version can be found at: http://anticapitalisme-et-revolution.blogspot.fr/2014/09/nous-sommes-un-mouvement-maintenant.html Anticapitalisme et Revolution: … Continue reading Fast food strikers say: $15 and a union!