Whistleblower Julian Assange and the CIA’s Daily Wars Against Humanity

By JEFF MACKLER Of the estimated 1.4 million top security clearance U.S. personnel employed by one or another of the government’s 18 branches of its $81 billion annually budgeted “U.S. Intelligence Community,” perhaps one or two individuals each year are designated as “whistleblowers” and persecuted to the high heavens.


By JOE LAURIA Guests Who Visited WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange In The Ecuador Embassy Have Sued The C.I.A., Former C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo And Spanish Security Firm UC Global For Allegedly Violating Their 4th Amendment Rights.

Grenfell Tower tragedy shows the Tory government is illegitimate

By ANDY STOWE Elizabeth Windsor, the English queen, isn’t supposed to make political statements, but on June 16 she announced to the world that she thinks Tory Prime Minister Theresa May is a morally gutless coward and a useless leader. Of course, she didn’t quite put it that way. Instead, she met survivors of the Grenfell … Continue reading Grenfell Tower tragedy shows the Tory government is illegitimate

Trump and the future: commentary from Britain

By PHIL HEARSE It is likely that the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential elections will give new momentum to the right wing in world politics. As part of the discussion, we print this article from Phil Hearse, which appeared in Socialist Resistance, journal of the British section of the Fourth International. The international … Continue reading Trump and the future: commentary from Britain

One million strike in France

By JEFF MACKLER One million workers and students took to the streets of Paris and cities across France on March 31 to protest draconian Labor Code changes proposed by the austerity-minded governing French Socialist Party of Francois Holland. The changes are set to be considered by the French parliament in late April; more giant protests … Continue reading One million strike in France

Thatcher: Don’t let them rewrite history!

By DAVE KELLAWAY (From socialistresistance.org, the journal of Fourth Internationalists in Britain.) If we need yet another argument about why we must put our political energies into building a fighting alternative to One Nation Labour then compare and contrast these statements on the death of Margaret Thatcher: Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition, said: “I … Continue reading Thatcher: Don’t let them rewrite history!