Charlie Hebdo: Imperialism’s new 9/11?

BY JEFF MACKLER The Jan. 7 Paris bombings and shootings afforded French and allied capitalist heads of state—some 50 presidents and prime ministers plus top U.S. officials, all complicit with mass murder—the opportunity for an unprecedented show of unity under the call of “I am Charlie Hebdo.” We note the hypocrisy of the perpetrators of … Continue reading Charlie Hebdo: Imperialism’s new 9/11?

Judges question NYPD spying on Muslims

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER  PHILADELPHIA—Federal judges in a Jan. 13 appeals court hearing have indicated that they are favorable to the premises of a suit against the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for its surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey. The suit, Hassan v. City of New York, had been dismissed by a federal district … Continue reading Judges question NYPD spying on Muslims

U.S. court frames Somalis for ‘terrorism’

By STEFANIE LEVI On May 16, a group of about 200 Somali people—mostly women—and their supporters from other communities assembled at the federal building in downtown Minneapolis. The people came to support Hawa Mohamed Hassan, 64, and Amina Farah Ali, 35, both residents of Rochester, Minn., at their sentencing hearing. The courtrooms were filled to … Continue reading U.S. court frames Somalis for ‘terrorism’

Chain-Mail Letters

[by Joe Auciello]Recently an elderly woman at a John McCain rally told the Republican nominee, “I don’t trust Obama. I read that he’s an Arab...” At this point, no doubt fearing a public relations disaster, McCain took the microphone and told her no, she was wrong. Of course, she was wrong -- several times over. … Continue reading Chain-Mail Letters