Bernie Sanders & the labor movement

By ANN MONTAGUE Socialist Action has published several articles in recent issues exposing Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party. This included a look at past primary elections that were used to raise workers’ hopes that there would be a place for their aspirations within the Democratic Party. Another article looked at Sanders’ role in Congress … Continue reading Bernie Sanders & the labor movement

‘Right to Work’ battle in Wisconsin

By CARL SACK  — MADISON, Wis. — As many here expected, so-called Right-To-Work legislation has come to Wisconsin. Republicans, who control both houses of the legislature, announced on Feb. 20 that they would seek to fast-track a Right-To-Work bill over the following two weeks. It passed both houses of the legislature, and Governor Scott Walker, … Continue reading ‘Right to Work’ battle in Wisconsin

U. Wisconsin-Superior outsources jobs

By ADAM RITSCHER — SUPERIOR, Wis. — Jan. 11 was the last day of work for 27 janitors and grounds keepers at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. They lost their jobs after a dramatic nine-month battle with university administrators. Like many colleges across the state, the University of Wisconsin-Superior is facing a major budget crisis. This … Continue reading U. Wisconsin-Superior outsources jobs

Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

By ANN MONTAGUE — PORTLAND, Ore. — On Dec. 4, the 2nd anniversary of the first Fast Food strikes—when 200 workers walked out—strike actions increased in number to include over 190 cities in the United States alone. Moreover, workers at convenience stores  joined them. As we go to press on Dec. 4, reports indicate that home-care … Continue reading Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

Fast food strikers say: $15 and a union!

The web newsletter, “Anticapitalisme et Revolution,” which represents a current in the French New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), recently interviewed Socialist Action member Ann Montague in regard to the growing movement in the United States for a minimum wage of $15.. The interview appears below. The French-language version can be found at: Anticapitalisme et Revolution: … Continue reading Fast food strikers say: $15 and a union!

NYC mayor hustles cuts for city workers

By MARTY GOODMAN New York’s self-proclaimed “progressive” mayor, Bill de Blasio, promised “respect” for the city’s 300,000 unionized public workers and has pledged to fight the city’s vast income inequality. What unions actually got was the same old hustle from the Democratic Party, as part of the city’s 1%. De Blasio, who took office in … Continue reading NYC mayor hustles cuts for city workers

UPS workers reject health care concessions

By DAVID BERNT The grassroots rank-and-file Vote No movement against the proposed UPS contract won a major victory when the contract was rejected in several regions of the U.S. The tentative agreement, which covers 235,000 Teamsters nationally, passed by a narrow margin, 53 to 47 percent. However, the Teamster (IBT) constitution requires all supplemental agreements to be … Continue reading UPS workers reject health care concessions

Resistance grows to UPS contract proposal

By DAVID BERNT A groundswell of resistance has developed among rank-and-file workers to a proposed concessionary contract at shipping giant United Parcel Service. Details of the five-year tentative agreement, which covers 240,000 workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, were revealed in early May at a meeting of local union officers. The UPS contract … Continue reading Resistance grows to UPS contract proposal

Labor must mobilize for the environment

By MARTY GOODMAN The following presentation was given in the labor workshop at the April 20 conference at Barnard College in New York City sponsored by the Eco-Socialist Contingent.  The conference was endorsed by 29 organizations, including Socialist Action, and brought together 240 participants in lively debate and discussion concerning an effective strategy to combat … Continue reading Labor must mobilize for the environment

Women & coming working-class fightback

By CHRISTINE MARIE This article is based on a portion of the resolution on the oppression of women, written by the author, that was approved by the 2012 Socialist Action convention. “Such demands [from the women’s liberation movement] go to the very heart of the specific oppression of women exercised through the family and strike … Continue reading Women & coming working-class fightback

NY school bus strike ends in defeat

By MARTY GOODMAN NEW YORK—Some 8800 school bus drivers and helpers (called “matrons”) returned to their jobs on Feb. 16 after losing a bitter month-long strike over the city’s cancellation of job security guarantees, known as Employee Protection Provisions (EPP). The EPP includes seniority-based hiring, training, health care, and benefits. Now when private bus companies, … Continue reading NY school bus strike ends in defeat

Workers confront abuses at Walmart

By DANIEL XAVIER During the course of the past two months, retail super-giant Walmart, notorious for its low wages, unfair labor practices, and union-busting agenda, faced the first strikes in the United States since the company’s founding in 1962. In September, warehouse workers contracted in Walmart’s supply chain walked off the job in Illinois and … Continue reading Workers confront abuses at Walmart

Occupy’s “Strike Debt” Campaign

By ANDREW POLLACK From its beginning Occupy Wall Street has had a focus on debt—student, homeowner, health care, etc.—and has encouraged debt refusal and resistance. Part of the logic behind that focus is the tens of millions affected by debt, and their common interest in rejecting the misery imposed on them by the huge financial … Continue reading Occupy’s “Strike Debt” Campaign

Chicago teachers defeat plan to gut schools

By DAVID BERNT  CHICAGO—After a nine-day strike that electrified this city and won broad support from working people, the 26,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union returned, heads held high, to the classroom Sept. 19 after successfully pushing back against an all-out attack against their union. The teachers’ strike ended the day before by a vote … Continue reading Chicago teachers defeat plan to gut schools