Canada: Election 2021:  Results and Prospects

[We print below material on the recent Canadian elections from our sister party, Socialist Action/Canada. Editor]  by Barry Weisleder To quote Yogi Berra, “It’s deja-vu all over again.” The 2021 federal election, which Justin Trudeau called just to gain a majority of seats, looks much like the 2019 election result.  The same parties are in place, … Continue reading Canada: Election 2021:  Results and Prospects

Missing Persons Report – No Solution for Toronto’s LGBTQI Community

by John Wilson "Review Lays Bare Police Failings" topped page 1 in the Toronto Star of April 14, 2021. The Independent Civilian Review of Missing Persons Investigations report, led by retired Justice Gloria Epstein, falls considerably short of the press headline. While clearly condemning the indifference, bungling and "systemic" errors of police, the Review presents no credible … Continue reading Missing Persons Report – No Solution for Toronto’s LGBTQI Community

Marxism versus Anarchism

Robbie Mahood [Presented as on line educational sponsored by Ligue pour l’action socialiste (LAS)/Socialist Action/Canada. Montréal, April 23, 2021. SA/LAS is Socialist Action/USA sister party in the Canadian state] The last few decades have seen a resurgence in anarchist thought and modes of organizing inspired by anarchism.  Decisions by consensus, diversity of tactics, affinity groups, … Continue reading Marxism versus Anarchism

Brewery Workers Resist Concessions

BY BARRY WEISLEDER Call it the growing gap. Actually, chasm might be a more apt term to describe the breach between workers’ aspirations and what most union leaders are willing to do to fight the concession demands of the boss class. Helping to close that chasm is the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers’ Local 325.  The workers at … Continue reading Brewery Workers Resist Concessions

Canadian Military and Cops — Rife with Racism and Sexism

Hardly a week passes without another scandal that tears the lid off rampant sexism and racism in the Canadian military and police forces.  The latest episode involves allegations of sexual misconduct by two former chiefs of staff. General Jonathan Vance is accused of inappropriate behaviour involving a woman he outranked. Admiral Art McDonald stepped aside … Continue reading Canadian Military and Cops — Rife with Racism and Sexism