Biden Visits Apartheid Israel and “Bone Saw” Saudi Monarch

BY BARRY SHEPPARD Biden’s Mideast trip, aimed at boosting his historically low and still-declining approval ratings, now at 32 percent, ended with a whimper. Indeed, the U.S. ruling elite is increasingly looking for a more viable, that is, electable 2024 presidential alternative. Regardless, whichever face they decide upon, Democrat or Republican, progressive or liberal or centrist, their fundamental policies will remain in place to the detriment of all humanity.

Debate in the Fourth International Part II: There Is No Equal Sign Between U.S. Imperialism and Chinese and Russian Imperialism: An Alternative to the FI majority text entitled “The World Geostrategic Situation”  

By JEFF MACKLER, National Committee/Socialist Action USA This text was adopted by Socialist Action’s National Committee for presentation to the annual February 2022 meeting of the delegates to the Fourth International’s elected international leadership. Representatives of some 56 parties across the globe were present at this five-day zoom gathering. Socialist Action participates only in a fraternal capacity due to reactionary U.S. legislation that bars membership in international socialist organizations.

Obama launches new ‘war on terrorism’

By JEFF MACKLER In a short-lived but well-crafted move aimed at hyping President Obama’s credentials as a reasonable and democratic warmaker, the president submitted a resolution to Congress in mid-February requesting “authorization for use of force” to proceed full tilt with his administration’s now worldwide “war on [Islamic] terrorism.” At first glance, what struck his … Continue reading Obama launches new ‘war on terrorism’

U.S. imperialism bombs Syria & Iraq

By JEFF MACKLER A new coalition of the not-too-willing nations is in preparation as U.S. imperialism prepares for yet another war in the Middle East, its sixth or seventh in the past half decade. These include wars of conquest, resource exploitation, and covert bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Egypt—where the U.S., … Continue reading U.S. imperialism bombs Syria & Iraq

World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

By JEFF MACKLER  Five hundred and sixteen children are among the over 2200 Gaza Palestinians murdered by the racist, Zionist, apartheid settler state of Israel. An estimated 75-80 percent of the Palestinians slaughtered were civilians. Some 1.8 million Palestinians “live” in perhaps the world’s largest prison, Gaza, virtually unable to enter or leave, starved and … Continue reading World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

Israel bombs Syria; U.S. signals support

BY JEFF MACKLER No serious observer of Middle Eastern politics believes that the Zionist, colonial, settler, and racist state of Israel makes a single move before consulting with its U.S. benefactors. Indeed, the Israeli army and state depend on the billions annually allocated by U.S. imperialism to maintain Israel as its chief imperial representative in … Continue reading Israel bombs Syria; U.S. signals support

Syria rebels gain: U.S. threatens intervention

By ANDREW POLLACK In the last month, all the factors fueling the Syrian civil war have taken on added weight and consequence. These include, on the one hand, massacres by the regime, positioning of imperialist powers for post-Assad influence, and financing by Gulf states of Islamist fighters from abroad; and impressive rebel military successes and … Continue reading Syria rebels gain: U.S. threatens intervention

Credibility of Zionist Israel Unravels

BY JEFF MACKLER When 15 national leaders of U.S. Christian churches call on the U.S. Congress to reconsider giving aid to Israel because of human rights violations as well as the continued expansion of Israel settlements, including “claiming territory that under international law and U.S. policy should belong to a future Palestinian state,” and when … Continue reading Credibility of Zionist Israel Unravels