Obama’s Fake Immigration Reform

By JOHN ORLAND The Great Deporter’s new executive order for a “sweeping overhaul of the immigration system” deserves no praise. If there is anything “sweeping” about President Obama’s immigration policy, it is his six years of deporting 2.4 million immigrants, his repeated lies regarding his so-called legal incapacity to issue presidential executive orders to mitigate … Continue reading Obama’s Fake Immigration Reform

The Promise of Beijing

By BILL ONASCH It was a startling sidebar to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Beijing. The heads of state of two economic and military titans, who between them are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions warming our planet and altering our climate, announced measures to reduce them. President Obama and … Continue reading The Promise of Beijing

Obama’s climate proposals fall short

By CHRISTINE FRANK At Georgetown University on June 25, President Obama gave a major speech outlining his proposals to mitigate and adapt to climate change after making mention of its importance in his inaugural address several months ago. Obama presented what he called “a new national climate action plan,” which calls for cutting carbon pollution … Continue reading Obama’s climate proposals fall short

Obama’s spy methods exposed by Snowden

BY JEFF MACKLER President Obama’s well-publicized May 23 speech to the nation was aimed at moderating the present U.S. dictum that the country is and should remain in a never-ending state of war—that is, the undeclared, undefined “war on terror.” This “war,” codified since 9-11 in the Patriot Act and the associated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance … Continue reading Obama’s spy methods exposed by Snowden

Obama and the Black community

By GLENN FORD Presentation given on Dec. 14 in New York City by Glenn Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report (www.Blackagendareport.com). Ford’s speech was at a forum, “Post-presidential Election Analysis: Domestic & Global Impact — Will Things Fall Apart?” Transcription and slight editing by Marty Goodman. Usually when people talk about post-election assessments they want an … Continue reading Obama and the Black community

Congress: Smaller paychecks for workers

By USMAN KHAN YUSUFZAI New Year’s Day has come and gone; the impending “fiscal cliff” disaster that so occupied the fears of politicos and businessmen throughout the country has, at the 11th hour, been averted by heroic deal-making by Republican and Democratic legislators. They made some  “tough decisions” in the face of the (manufactured) crisis … Continue reading Congress: Smaller paychecks for workers

Obama plan: no real immigrant ‘reforms’

By LISA LUINENBURG The Los Angeles Times recently reported that President Obama is planning a major push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in early 2013. Early reports state that the proposed bill would likely include provisions for increased border militarization, more employer sanctions (which could include increased use of programs like E-verify), and special work visas … Continue reading Obama plan: no real immigrant ‘reforms’

‘Fiscal cliff’ is like ‘austerity chicken!’

By USMAN KHAN YUSUFZAI As we head into the New Year, Washington is buzzing about the impending “fiscal cliff.” The topic was debated at length between both parties of the ruling class, the Democrats and the Republicans; and for all the wailing and doom-saying during and after the November election, one would think that we … Continue reading ‘Fiscal cliff’ is like ‘austerity chicken!’

Obama: The corporate choice

BY JEFF MACKLER The $6 billion U.S. election extravaganza—conducted virtually year round in the modern era to consciously dull the senses of capitalism’s working masses with an unending torrent of myths, half truths, and lies—is over. The mask of a progressive, humanistic, caring, environmentally concerned, if not antiwar president, Barak Obama, has been carefully fitted … Continue reading Obama: The corporate choice

Obama demands detention without trial

By DANIEL ADAM Four years ago, Barack Obama ran for president on the promise of closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within one year of taking office. Today, the prison remains open—the pledge all but forgotten. Instead of dismantling Guantanamo and with it the government’s power to detain without a trial, Obama wants … Continue reading Obama demands detention without trial

Washington threatens new military strikes

By DANIEL XAVIER  As the presidential election rapidly approaches, it is predictably clear that the imperialist foreign policy agenda of the U.S. government will continue to advance unabated regardless of whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney occupies the White House come January. Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner (!), has continued and expanded U.S. military … Continue reading Washington threatens new military strikes

Presidential Debate: Where are the women?

By ALICE RICHARD  On Oct. 3, President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney squared off in the first presidential debate, in which independent parties were prohibited from participating. The debate was focused on domestic policy, and the candidates primarily sparred on taxes, Social Security, and the federal deficit. Despite the White House’s assurances that … Continue reading Presidential Debate: Where are the women?

AFL-CIO calls unions to ‘Stand for America’ rally

By BILL ONASCH Last month, AP ran a story about union officials expressing their displeasure with Democrats by organizing what was described as a “shadow convention” in Philadelphia prior to the boss parties’ nominating rituals. But those organizing the Workers Stand for America rally on Aug. 11 reject that term. I suppose they don’t like … Continue reading AFL-CIO calls unions to ‘Stand for America’ rally

Presidential campaign loot

By MARTY GOODMAN“Anybody who wants to be an ambassador must at least give $250,000.” — Richard Nixon’s price check to his Chief of Staff on campaign donations.This year’s U.S. presidential campaign fundraising is expected to double the record-breaking $1 billion presidential campaign haul of 2008. Everything has its price under capitalism, including democracy. The campaign … Continue reading Presidential campaign loot

What Libya’s Elections Mean for the People

Millions of Libyans cast their ballots on July 7 in the first “free” election Libya has seen in over four decades. Throngs of people packed into voting booths to select the country’s new 200-seat National Assembly, which will be tasked with creating a new government and writing up a draft constitution. In response to the … Continue reading What Libya’s Elections Mean for the People

Will Enbridge spills kill XL and Gateway pipelines?

By BARRY WEISLEDERA U.S. government enquiry into the July 25, 2010, spill of 843,444 gallons of crude oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River, by Canada’s Enbridge Inc., has fueled doubts about such proposed pipelines as Keystone XL and Northern Gateway.Environmental groups on both sides of the border seized upon the findings of the National Transportation and … Continue reading Will Enbridge spills kill XL and Gateway pipelines?

Wisconsin: Reason 1,000,001 why we need a Labor Party!

<!--[if !mso]><![endif]--> The Gov. Scott Walker victory in Wisconsin’s recall election last month should not surprise us. The Democrats are incapable of defeating the right. Don’t the last 30 years demonstrate that? Every vote for a Democrat has meant the success of the “Republican” agenda, based on the loyalty of both parties to the 1%. In … Continue reading Wisconsin: Reason 1,000,001 why we need a Labor Party!

Chicago Teachers Union authorizes strike

<!--[if !mso]><![endif]--> CHICAGO—In a strong show of rank-and-file unity, close to 90% of the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union authorized the union to strike if the union’s leadership is unable to negotiate a contract with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s handpicked school board. The strike vote was conducted as the mayor has conducted a union-busting campaign against … Continue reading Chicago Teachers Union authorizes strike