VIDEO of Sept Rally Free Assange! Free Mumia! Free Palestine! 

SPONSORED By THE MOBILIZATION TO FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL & THE INTERNATIONAL CONCERNED FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL. CO-SPONSORS: Courage Foundation/Assange & Middle East Children's Alliance, Arab Resource Organizing Center. HEAR Alice Walker, prize-winning novelist; Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers; Jamal Jr, Mumia's grandson; Chris Hedges, prize-winning journalist


FREE ASSANGE! FREE MUMIA! FREE PALESTINE! An evening of unity and solidarity on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7pm In Berkeley, California.

Biden Visits Apartheid Israel and “Bone Saw” Saudi Monarch

BY BARRY SHEPPARD Biden’s Mideast trip, aimed at boosting his historically low and still-declining approval ratings, now at 32 percent, ended with a whimper. Indeed, the U.S. ruling elite is increasingly looking for a more viable, that is, electable 2024 presidential alternative. Regardless, whichever face they decide upon, Democrat or Republican, progressive or liberal or centrist, their fundamental policies will remain in place to the detriment of all humanity.

Debate in the Fourth International Part II: There Is No Equal Sign Between U.S. Imperialism and Chinese and Russian Imperialism: An Alternative to the FI majority text entitled “The World Geostrategic Situation”  

By JEFF MACKLER, National Committee/Socialist Action USA This text was adopted by Socialist Action’s National Committee for presentation to the annual February 2022 meeting of the delegates to the Fourth International’s elected international leadership. Representatives of some 56 parties across the globe were present at this five-day zoom gathering. Socialist Action participates only in a fraternal capacity due to reactionary U.S. legislation that bars membership in international socialist organizations.

New developments in Palestine struggle

By ERNIE GOTTA In February, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Mohammed al-Qeeq, an imprisoned Palestinian journalist on his 85th day of hunger strike. Al-Qeeq had asked to be transferred to a Palestinian hospital in the West Bank. Directly following this decision, however, a partial victory was won in the case of Palestinian American activist Rasmea … Continue reading New developments in Palestine struggle

Labor Briefing

By BILL ONASCH > Socialist Action members in Minneapolis write: “On Saturday, Oct. 10, over 400 enthusiastic participants joined a rally and march on U.S. bank in Northeast Minneapolis. U.S. Bank has actively lobbied against fair wages and treatment for workers and simultaneously financed dirty industries. The concurrent exploitation of workers and the earth is … Continue reading Labor Briefing

Rasmea Odeh found guilty

Rasmea Defense Committee statement —  In a travesty of justice, Rasmea Odeh today was found guilty of one count of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization. For over a year, Rasmea, her supporters, and her legal team have been battling this unjust government prosecution, saying from the start that the immigration charge was nothing but a pretext … Continue reading Rasmea Odeh found guilty

World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

By JEFF MACKLER  Five hundred and sixteen children are among the over 2200 Gaza Palestinians murdered by the racist, Zionist, apartheid settler state of Israel. An estimated 75-80 percent of the Palestinians slaughtered were civilians. Some 1.8 million Palestinians “live” in perhaps the world’s largest prison, Gaza, virtually unable to enter or leave, starved and … Continue reading World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

Israel bombs Syria; U.S. signals support

BY JEFF MACKLER No serious observer of Middle Eastern politics believes that the Zionist, colonial, settler, and racist state of Israel makes a single move before consulting with its U.S. benefactors. Indeed, the Israeli army and state depend on the billions annually allocated by U.S. imperialism to maintain Israel as its chief imperial representative in … Continue reading Israel bombs Syria; U.S. signals support

Inside Israel’s killing machine

By GAETANA CALDWELL-SMITH “The Gatekeepers,” a film directed by Dror Moreh, who also conducted the interviews. “The Gatekeepers” is a riveting documentary film that reveals the behind-the-scenes actions of one of Israel’s key tools for maintaining its repressive rule over the Palestinians—the Shin Bet (appellation for Israel Security Agency or ISA, formerly Mossad). The film … Continue reading Inside Israel’s killing machine

Revolutionary socialist politics (Part 2)

This is our second installment of major excerpts from the Political Resolution adopted at the August 2012 Socialist Action National Convention in Minneapolis. Today we are witness to a new world armaments race, with every major power striving to increase its military arsenal. This clearly indicates the desperate need of all capitalist nations to protect, … Continue reading Revolutionary socialist politics (Part 2)

Credibility of Zionist Israel Unravels

BY JEFF MACKLER When 15 national leaders of U.S. Christian churches call on the U.S. Congress to reconsider giving aid to Israel because of human rights violations as well as the continued expansion of Israel settlements, including “claiming territory that under international law and U.S. policy should belong to a future Palestinian state,” and when … Continue reading Credibility of Zionist Israel Unravels

Washington threatens new military strikes

By DANIEL XAVIER  As the presidential election rapidly approaches, it is predictably clear that the imperialist foreign policy agenda of the U.S. government will continue to advance unabated regardless of whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney occupies the White House come January. Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner (!), has continued and expanded U.S. military … Continue reading Washington threatens new military strikes

U.S. Solidarity with Egyptian Revolution

<!--[if !mso]><![endif]--> Since the uprising against Mubarak began there have been regular solidarity protests, forums and other activities in the U.S. In New York, this support coalesced in the formation of the Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution. In April, leading members of that Coalition were among the lawyers, activists, and scholars who organized and … Continue reading U.S. Solidarity with Egyptian Revolution

The ongoing potential of the Syrian revolution

In their battle to rid themselves of the murderous, corrupt Assad regime, the Syrian people faced a succession of obstacles. Decades of repression had left organizers trying to make up for lost time when the revolt broke out. This was followed by a usurpation of leadership of the movement by various bourgeois forces, from the … Continue reading The ongoing potential of the Syrian revolution

Egypt: Growing protests against military rule

On Wednesday, May 2, paid thugs hired by Egypt’s military rulers murdered at least 20 participants in a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Defense (MOD). While the initial core of the sit-in, begun the Friday before, consisted of supporters of a Salafi (conservative Islamist) presidential candidate, one of several disqualified by the Supreme … Continue reading Egypt: Growing protests against military rule

Broad coalition responds to NYPD spying

NEW YORK—After months of revelations by the Associated Press of spying by the New York Police Department (NYPD) on the Muslim community here and throughout the Northeast, the AP recently exposed surveillance by the N.Y. cops on racial justice, antiwar, labor, anti-repression and other movements as far afield as New Orleans.The revelations have broadened a … Continue reading Broad coalition responds to NYPD spying

Protests, hunger strikes in Palestine and Bahrain

<!--[if !mso]> <![endif]--> Every year on March 30, Palestinians and supporters rally to commemorate Land Day, the anniversary of the 1976 rallies inside the 1948 borders of Palestine in which the Zionist authorities gunned down six protesters fighting to save their land from ethnic cleansing. This year the demonstrations were coupled with a “Global March … Continue reading Protests, hunger strikes in Palestine and Bahrain

Activists denounce restrictions on Chicago G8/NATO protests

On Jan. 25, the Vancouver culture jammers known as Adbusters brought new attention to the need to protest the NATO/G8 summit occurring in Chicago from May 19-21. Adbusters played a large role in building the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York last fall and their call is expected to put the NATO/G8 summit meetings … Continue reading Activists denounce restrictions on Chicago G8/NATO protests

UNAC conference, March 23-25: ‘Challenge the wars of the 1%’

A Conference to Challenge the Wars of the 1% Against the 99% at Home and Abroad—this banner heads the call for the United National Antiwar Coalition Conference, which will be held in Stamford, CT, on March 23-25.  Addressing this theme will be international guest speakers that include Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, the wife of the former … Continue reading UNAC conference, March 23-25: ‘Challenge the wars of the 1%’